What Are We Worth To Another?

“Value not the things you have in life but rather who you have in life.” – Unknown

Copey Learning Center Presentations..!

This has been an important week and next week will prove to be even more important. We are ending the semester for the on-line educational service for 2021. During this week and next, the Dream Team is helping Copey students prepare presentations for the general public to view via YouTube soon.

The production of the kindergarten presentation is scheduled for Monday. I invite you to join in if convenient using the link below.

Also, you can sneak a peak at the Pre-High students working on their presentations next Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I am late providing the link information to the two other groups who were scheduled to produce their presentations this week. However, all of these presentations will be made available soon on YouTube for the world to see.

Next week we have:
-Kindergarten at 4:30pm. (CST) Monday, November 22nd. 

Pre High School at 4:30pm. (CST) Wednesday. November 24th.


Another Fantastic Copey Learning Center Student…!

Fabiana is one more of the outstanding students in Copey who has benefitted from her experiences at the Copey Learning Center. We believe Copey is rich with young students full of potential. We are on the right track with our support. So much is credit to “Friends” for its continuous support.

Thank You My Brother…!

Below are comments from a fellow veteran. Charles Jones was my high school classmate and my high school football team member nearly 60 years ago. He made a career out of serving his country in the United States Air Force while I served my one term also in the U.S. Air Force.

I have numerous veteran friends of course. However, Charles is the only one of my long time friends still living who served in the Air Force at the same time I did. This adds to our close and long term friendship. Last week Charles wrote:

“Happy Veteran’s Day to you also my Brother, Friend and Classmate. Thank you for your loyalty and service to not only the military but to so many other lives you have touched with your dedication.

I am grateful to be recognized as a veteran and am thankful for the opportunity to have served.

Please DO NOT remove my email address from your correspondence for I will always feel dedicated to such a worthy project and will forever support you as long as God gives me strength to do so.

Happy Thanksgiving Scrapper!”


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