Veterans Day!

“Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.”  By  Douglas MacArthur

Veterans Honored…!

I have noticed over the recent years that being a veteran and observing Veteran’s Day grows more and more important to me. Many of my closest friends are or were veterans.

Once again I salute my friends for their service. This includes, Jim, Dwight, Stevie, Adam, Charles, Dante, Carlos, Fred, and Gene. I have known most of these veterans for more than 50 years. All of the older friends served during the Viet Nam Conflict. Lou Peery also was a Viet Nam Veteran and passed away two years ago. Thanks for your service.

And, as it is my tradition, I also salute giving special recognition to my high school friends who died while serving in the Viet Nam Conflict: Danny Watkins, Michael Charles, Kenneth Delaney, and Frank Campbell. These men died while wearing their country’s uniform.

I am also very proud of the many uncles, cousins, and other family members who served in the military.

It was not an easy decision to serve for me to make at the time, but it was the right decision to serve. And, I will always cherish the honor of being called a veteran along with so many friends I have known and respected all my life.

The Copey Learning Center Scholars…!

Last week I was provided a preview of a new website being developed by several of the Copey Learning Center’s Pathway Project students. These are such amazing students. The website is still being developed and will be completed soon.

Today I am sharing a video showing the excellent development of one Copey student working on this website project. Many of you are already well aware of Mariana. We have been tracking her progress for several years. Remember the Spelling Bee star?

This video shows Mariana speaking in English. Near the end of the interview, she talks about her experience attending the Summer Scholars Program (Camp) at Emory & Henry College in 2019. She is an excellent student and an excellent example of the success of the Copey Learning Center.

Also, for the record, the one asking the questions is Celeste. Celeste was one of the very first Copey Learning Center students to participate in the Pathway Project in 2016. Stay tuned in for more.

Other News…!

The Dream Team….is moving closer and closer to the end of the semester. This has been a very challenging semester and again, congratulations to the outstanding Dream Team members.

Starting next week the Copey students will begin reporting/recording their progress for the semester.

During the following week, the last classes will be held and the semester will end. I will inform you next week or sooner how you and I can hopefully access the final day’s presentations.

Cleaning up mailing list…

Starting next week and continuing until January 1st, I am asking all “Friends” who wish to continue receiving the weekly Posts during 2022, to send me a short email stating such. Simple, just send an email to saying “Count me in for 2022”. 

This will be the first time I have asked “Friends” to indicate the interest in receiving my Posts. My mailing list is very long now and I estimate there may be a significant number of recipients no longer interested or wanting to receive the Posts.

I realize most active “Friends” do not visit the Posts weekly, therefore I am providing a 6 week window. If I receive a request to be removed, I will certainly remove the email address. If I do not receive any response back, then by January 1st I will remove the email address assuming the interest is no longer valid.

“Friends” have been wonderful over the years. I simply want to avoid sending out unwanted Posts if at all possible.

Final Word…!

I want every “Friend of Copey” to understand how deep my joy is and how excited I am witnessing Copey students speaking English, being very upbeat and positive about life, and wearing the colors and the name of my college. The overall success of our 8 year involvement is clearly on display with this short video.

I have grown to know Mariana and her family over the years. They are all that is good about Copey, about believing, having faith, and serving others. I feel the same about my college who has been a willing and devoted partner in the Pathway Project since the beginning in 2016.






4 thoughts on “Veterans Day!”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful statement, Scrapper. These are heartfelt words, and worth ur time to read!

  2. Happy Veteran’s Day to you also my Brother, Friend and Classmate. Thank you for your loyalty and service to not only the military but to so many other lives you have touched with your dedication. I am grateful to be recognized as a veteran and am thankful for the opportunity to have served. Please DO NOT remove my email address from your correspondence for I will always feel dedicated to such a worthy project and will forever support you as long as God gives me strength do so. Happy Thanksgiving “Scrapper”!

  3. Oh my gosh, Mariana is incredible–intelligent, personable, beautiful, and so well-spoken. Really impressive. Wow! I also love the Emory sweatshirt.
    And thank you for your service, Scrapper, then and now.

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