Celebration Time!

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.  By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s Celebrate…!

Today’s Post represents the 400 published Posts since “Friends of Copey” began. Thisis a major milestone and I have all of you to thank. I never expected this project to last this long especially at the beginning. In December 2021, we will complete our 8th full year.

By anyone’s standards, this translates into a whole lot of writing and reporting, sharing and celebrating, and maybe most important of all, this 400th Post is a validation of our devotion and commitment to such a worthy cause…The Copey Learning Center.

I thank those of you who are “charter members” who shared my vision at the very beginning and are still part of this journey. I hope you have found me true to my word.

And, I thank each of you for joining in at various times along the way. You have helped sustain this project with your support, efforts, energy, and promise.

It was absolute “divine intervention” when the idea to call this assembled group “Friends of Copey”. Another name could not better define us. Thanks “Friends”.

Semester Ends…!

I enjoyed watching the final days of the semester last week as both volunteer teachers and students made their final day special. The students were all assigned to make presentations demonstrating what they had learned during the semester.

This turned out to be a “priceless” experience. Hopefully, at some point in the near future we will have some of the presentations available to share with everyone.

Wanting you to see these presentations is very similar to telling a good friend about a truly wonderful movie they must see. Because, unless you see the movie for yourself, you cannot fully appreciate the effort and success the movie represents.

During the presentations, I was immersed with emotion and so full of pride. From the youngest to the oldest student, I saw “why we do what we do”. Many thanks to the students, the parents, Copey Learning Center’s Board and staff, “Dream Team II”, and you “Friends” for supporting this unique and amazing project.

Summer Scholars Program…! 

Coinciding with the on-line education ending last week, we also had four students actively participating on-line as attendees of the Summer Scholars Program administered by Emory & Henry College during the entire week.

These selected students were integrated with similar age students from Virginia and Tennessee as they all shared two hours of education each day. Their experiences were rich and will be long remembered as they did something perhaps no other Costa Rican student has done.

We are blessed to have this partnership with the college who shows year after year their devotion and commitment to this international education relationship.

What is Next…?

No time to waste. We are now busy trying to prepare for the next semester and assembling “Dream Team III”. We have several candidates being considered. However, I continue to encourage anyone with a desire to “make a difference” in a student’s life… be a volunteer teacher and step up. You will not be disappointed.

So far, the volunteer teachers who have covered the past two semesters have set the bar very high. They have brought to the Copey students a treasure chest of educational experience and talent representing the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom.

I am convinced there are “Friends” supporting this project who have done miracles in classrooms during their careers and still have much to offer students who are so eager to learn. Think about it and send me a note at atbroady@aol.com.


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  1. My students here at Emory did some teaching of Copey kids online last year and all of them found it very rewarding. Thanks, Scrapper, for helping make this happen!

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