Facing Towards the Sunshine…!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” By Vince Lombardi

2nd Semester Ends for On-Line English

Copey students participating in the Copey Learning Center’s English education project began yesterday making presentations to demonstrate their progress during the semester. 

I sat in on two groups and to say I was “amazed” would be an understatement. Both groups, 3rd and 4th graders and the nursery and kindergarten groups provided excellent presentations. I commend all of those involved in this learning process. Many thanks to the volunteer teachers who made this all happen.

Today, two more groups will be presenting. The pre-high school and high school students will be on display. I am looking forward to this with much excitement. Many of these students have been attending the English classes at Copey Learning Center for several years now and their level of proficiency is very high.

More presentations are scheduled with the 1st and 2nd graders presenting tomorrow and the second group of high school students presenting on Thursday.

I am including the link needed to sit in on the presentations. You are welcomed to visit each presentation for five or ten minutes or as long as you wish. Sit back and enjoy.

Emory & Henry College Summer Scholars

As the on-line English project comes to a close this week, we have another four students attending the Summer Scholars program on-line. These students are joined with high school students from the United States. I do not currently have the states the US students represent but in the past the US students have been mostly from Virginia and Tennessee.

Copey students are very fortunate to have this rare opportunity. We know of no other rural Costa Rican community with high school students attending a week-long joint education class with US students.

There is no better way for the Copey students to apply their English language skills. Thank you E&H College for continuing and supporting this wonderful international partnership.

-Pre High School. 1:00 pm
-High School A. 5:00pm
-First and Second grade. 3:00 pm
-High School B. 5:00pm.


We need new volunteers to help us continue with the 3rd semester of the on-line English education project scheduled to start in July. Become a member of “Dream Team III”. 

Please check out the new menu set up for “Dream Team II”. Some have visited the new page and have been very complimentary. Let the volunteers know you appreciate their work.

Congratulations to all of the Dream Team II teachers. You make the teaching profession proud!” Stan J.

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  1. Thanks to all of the Dream Team II teachers, their students, and everyone involved in making good things happen at the Copey Learning Center. Enjoy your summer.

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