Thank You Friends..!

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.  By Alice Walker

New Computer Donated…!

The Copey Learning Center’s hard working administrator is being rewarded. Celeste has been busy maintaining and operating the center’s English education efforts for Copey students since Covid-19 hit the country and shut down public schools and the Copey Leaning Center facility. She has been the point person setting up the on-line education programs utilizing the volunteer teachers from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. This is a remarkable achievement.

Celeste has a devoted “Friend” who has purchased for her a new computer. Robert (Bob) Barnard, a personal friend of mine and one of the original “Friends of Copey” when this project started in 2013, and a consistent financial donor. He decided Celeste could use a new computer. It is on its way to her now.

Many thanks to Bob who relocated from Washington state to Jaco, Costa Rica several years ago to spend his retirement days.

I credit Bob for inviting me on my first trip to Costa Rica in 2011 to fish. Then, I followed Bob to Costa Rica again in early 2013 to scout out the country as he planned for his retirement. This was the trip when Bob and I first journeyed to Copey, met Seidy Rodriguez, and decided to join forces with the Copey Learning Center.

This project could not make it without “Friends”.

Emory & Henry Summer Scholars Program

Virus or not, the Copey Learning Center marches on by taking advantage of every educational experience available. Starting in 2016, Copey students have attended the E&H College Summer Scholars Program. From 2016 thru 2019, Copey students traveled to the United States for two weeks to tour and visit the college campus in southwest Virginia to attend the week long course.

In 2020, Covid-19 prevented the travel to the campus and Copey students attended the program via on-line along with many other students from the United States. This summer again, the Summer Scholars Program will be offered and four Copey students have been selected to attend on-line.

Furthermore, the tuitions for each of these Copey students are being covered by the college. Another, example of “Friends” joining in to help this project enjoy success.

Semester Ends Soon…!

Starting on June 14, students being taught by the “Dream Team II” volunteers will begin making their final presentations to close out the semester. The students will demonstrate what they have learned during the semester. It will also end the work of theDream Team II” volunteers. They have been so wonderful and generous during this semester.

You have hopefully seen and read about “Dream Team II”. I have provided a detailed profile of each team member to show “Friends” the depth and breadth of our commitment to education, our partnership strength with the Copey Learning Center, and our belief in the possibilities when there is the will to do.

A special page has been set up for “Dream Team II” which can be reached by clicking on the Menu bar showing Team Dream II. All of the profiles have been relocated to this section for ease of access.

“I have realized that this teaching position involves quite a bit of work! It’s worth it, though, because these young people are just as I expected them to be:  smart, beautiful, and inspirational. It’s an honor to work with them and to be connected to Copey.”  by Dr. Teresa Keller (Volunteer)

These volunteers deserve our warmest thanks and heartfelt gratitude for their willingness to provide, to share, and to give to students many valuable lessons.

Dream Team III Volunteers Needed..!

The call for new volunteers is being sounded now. We have one final semester to cover before the school year ends in November. I am making a special appeal to “Friends” who have spent time in the classroom and know the challenges teachers face.

This is a time commitment of an average of one hour per week. The profiles of Dream Team II” will provide you an excellent view of the variety and range of skills, experiences, and education useful for this project.

For new teachers, this is a wonderful opportunity to begin your career and gain very valuable experience with learning the culture and language of the Copey community.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Dream Team II. So far, my experience has been great and the students are enthusiastic and willing to learn. By James Belford (Volunteer)

For more seasoned or retired teachers, this is a wonderful way of passing on what you have acquired in your career. You have been there, done that, and can still do it to help one more student.

Knowing or being fluent in Spanish is not required. Give this some serious consideration. Be part of the new Dream Team III”.

Send me a note at if interested.

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