Believe In Someone!

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”   By Abraham Lincoln

School Is Out…!

The Copey Learning Center’s education program is on break for a few weeks. The time is here to appreciate what we managed to accomplish during the recent semester. Conducting a successful educational on-line program as the Learning Center has done in 2021 while contending with the major issues Covid-19 caused, is simply remarkable.

So, it does not hurt to stop, to smell the roses, and to rejoice. In fact, Costa Rica is still not out of the woods yet with the virus. Soon, we will be back in the throes of challenges to do our job as “Friends of Copey” when the Copey Learning Center starts to conduct the next semester of education.

Behind the Scenes…!

Since the first day of “Friends” back in 2013, we have been in perpetual motion. Something has always been developing, being worked on, being planned, and so on. Those of us who have (some may say afflicted) with visions for how things could/should be seem to never stop thinking about new possibilities. Essentially, all of our life’s experiences are the result of someone’s vision. Technology, automobiles, cell phones, medical advancements, and so much more began with a visionary seed planted in someone’s mind. Something as simple as a paper clip was a visionary seed. Starting a Learning Center in a rural community called Copey began as a visionary seed.

“Friends of Copey” also began as a vision. The vision hooked up the Copey Learning Center’s vision and the partnership of the two visions has been very successful.

Visions just never end. Today, we are working on a vision which could be very exciting and surprising to many at some point in the very near future. The idea has been marinating for a while and seems to be getting closer to becoming a reality. We are only a few weeks making a big announcement. 

I predict that next week I will be in the position to confirm the idea has the green light to go forward. Shortly, thereafter, I predict I will make the formal announcement fully disclosing the idea to all.

In the meantime, several more minor plans are being worked on that involve the Blog’s continuous changes for improvements. We may include once a month an oral or visual presentation in place of a written Post. This is exciting to me. I will have to soon learn how to become a real life personality visually and vocally capable of sharing information with you. This feature may include other “Friends” participating such as students, teachers, donors and other supporters. The bottom line is we are considering several changes moving us away from the eight year old format used to issue a weekly Post.

Final Thoughts…!

The northwestern section of our country is wonderful…most of the time. This past week has been extremely hot…not warm…HOT!  Our daytime temperature has been in the 100’s for the past several days. For the past three days, the temperature has been over 112 degrees. Today, the current prediction for today is 110 or higher.

Our community had just started to return to some form of “normal” since Covid-19 started in late March 2020. With this heat, many stores, outside recreational events, and social plans are all being canceled and shut down.

But, we are okay since it is not too unusual to have high temperatures in this part of the country. It is just unusual for such high temperatures in June since the high temperatures are more often in August. Normal is being delayed for hopefully a short while. The real and serious threat is the unavoidable fires we are beginning to have and can expect for months with the heat and dry weather. You will see us in the National News for certain soon.





3 thoughts on “Believe In Someone!”

  1. I sure look forward to the announcement! And I hope the Pacific Northwest is out from under the heat wave very soon

  2. There is so much to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who makes the Copey Learning Center experience possible. Stay safe everyone. Scrapper, Dave and I are thinking of you during these tough and HOT times there in your area. We have temperatures in the 90s and it is quite scary. We can’t imagine 110 temps. Take good care and stay safe. We are thinking of you. I hope everyone enjoyed their independence on July 4th and celebrated with family, friends, music, books, movies, and art. Don’t forget to dance!

  3. Looking forward to the special announcement! Yes, always something positive going on with Friends of Copey. I hope you get relief from the high temps soon, Scrapper.

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