Begin The Year With Faith!

“Take the first step in faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step.”  by Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

On your mark…get set…GO!

Over the past several weeks we have taken a very good look backwards at how the 2020 year began and ended. I recently provided two Scorecards including last week’s look at the overall metrics on the performance of the Blog. Our 2020 year success is well established.

This week we will look forward and anticipate what 2021 may look like for us.

  1. I have an informal notice that Costa Rica is planning to re-open schools at the regular time in a couple months. If so, we will launch our annual Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund campaign by the end of January. Some of the 2020 funds may not have been spent so we may not need as much funds.

             Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund
  2. We will continue with the support for the Executive Director’s Salary Support. The campaign fund goal will be determined in early or mid February 2021.
  3. The 2021 Pathway Project is too soon to predict. This decision is controlled by Emory & Henry College, the host for the June Young Scholars and Leadership Program. Our fundraising efforts will be determined once we are informed of the status of the program.
  4. There are two “secret” initiatives being planned involving one new and one old partner which will be very exciting for “Friends” and for the Copey Learning Center. More to come!

Other 2021 initiatives include our continuous work to upgrade this Blog. Even though significant changes were completed last May, a list of additional modifications are planned to improve the presentation of information and be more user friendly.

The Year End Total for the Post Site Visits

I had to wait until the official end of the year to provide the following information.

This has been a very positive year for “Friends” and others visiting the “Friends of Copey” Blog. The seven year chart below indicates 2020 was our second best year to date. The Blog in its first full year in 2014 recorded a total of 2,916 site visits. In year four (2017), we experienced a huge spike with 4,055 site visits. Topping 2017 has been very difficult although 2018 and 2019 registered more site visits than the years prior to 2017.

It is gratifying to see 2020 site visits accounting for 3,731. This count is higher than 2018 and 2019 and just less than 324 site visits compared to 2017.

What does this all mean? In general this means the interest in our project is not diminishing…but growing. It also means there is a strong core of devoted “Friends” who continue year after year being interested and supportive. Also, as we lose some supporters, we also add supporters annually.

And, it means we benefitted from the major changes in the appearance and added features to the design of the weekly Posts.

Credit for the increase is also given to the work of the “Dream Team” and the overall accomplishments of the “on-line” education project. This project generated strong interest even though the school year was essentially shut down.

The 2021 prediction is we will finally surpass the high-water mark of 2017. This involves you and me being successful. You add to the total each week when you visit the Post. I am challenged each week with providing you information worth your time to visit the Posts. As with all else…“you will be the difference” in us surpassing 2017 count for site visits. 

Thanks for the feedback

“Happy New Year to all Friends. Congratulations on so much success, Scrapper, and thanks to everyone involved with Copey Learning Center!” By Lisa B.

Regarding the China interest…“Wonderful news – it is impossible to know how far out the “waves of care” are flowing – and so good to know some folks in China are interested! The Copey Learning Center will have an impact on so many people. Thank you, to all there in Costa Rica, and thank you, Scrapper!” By Ed D.

“Happy New Year to all Friends of Copey. Amid all the sadness, stress and uncertainty of 2020, we continue to make a positive impact on these young people. May you be blessed for your contribution to this wonderful endeavor, however large or small.” By Kay P.

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  1. It is so nice to read positive news! Thanks so much for the update. Let’s hope that Copey students will return safely to their in person learning with even more great news to look forward to in 2021. Thank you, Scrapper!!

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