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“Everyone has inside of him or her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”                      By Anne Frank

2021 Education in Costa Rica

Public Education news for Costa Rica is at best very sketchy and unclear. Covid-19 officially closed schools back in March 2020, when a national emergency was declared. Since then, the schools have not re-opened for face-to-face teaching. According to a recent report, Costa Rican schools have now been closed longer than almost anywhere else in the world. Most children have now missed an entire year of face-to-face education, because the school year runs from February or March to December.

The unclear news is the confusion regarding any firm decision to remove the shut down orders currently keeping both public schools and education centers including the Copey Learning Center closed.  The Ministry of Education for Costa Rica reports 96% of the children have remained officially enrolled. But, no more than 60% of the students are obtaining their education on-line via the internet. The balance of the students, primarily rural students, are not obtaining their education on-line, except those small number of homes fortunate enough to have the internet service, devices, and educational materials available to participate.

“Friends of Copey” is closely watching for signals indicating schools will re-open in Copey.

Pending Decisions for “Friends

We anticipate issuing a confirmed message regarding our plans to launch both the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and the Executive Director’s Salary Support fund raising efforts. We are essentially waiting until we know more regarding the opening of the Copey Learning Center, the need for on-site volunteer teachers, and decisions on the compensation plan for someone filling the role of the Executive Director. These are critical points of information we need to determine what our financial support should be in 2021.

Special Request from “Friends”

As we desire to continue to support the Copey Learning Center, I would like to ask you to consider; 1) share your knowledge/experience with “Friends” with your family, friends, organizations, and others. Then 2) I would very much appreciate you sharing the weekly Posts on your private Facebook page. Our support and weekly Post represents frequently “Good News”.

This “Good News” can help us expand the base of new “Friends” in 2021. The “Good News” can help cultivate new opportunities for others to engage in a no-nonsense approach to helping others. And, the “Good News” could potentially inspire others to try non-conventional ways to help people needing help.

“Friends of Copey” began over 7 years ago simply by daring to share the “Good News” with 17 family members and friends. Sharing makes a difference!

“It is so nice to read positive news! Thanks so much for the update. Let’s hope that Copey students will return safely to their in person learning…”.  Lisa B.







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  1. Wow, Scrapper – schools have been closed there longer than almost anywhere – I hope things improve soon!

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