End The Year Hopeful..!

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.'” Alfred Lord Tennyson

The previous weeks, Scorecards were provided to grade our year’s performance in the Financial and Non-Financial areas of “Friends of Copey”.

And, over time several questions have been asked about the business of blogging and how we are doing overall? Today, we will look at other data to help “Friends” further understand the value and progress of our Blog.

Blogging Update and Results…

First, recall this Blog was initiated with the first published Post issued in December 2013. This Blog was launched to provide “Friends of Copey” a viable means of communicating news among “Friends”. The first Post went to less than two dozen family members and personal friends. Today the mailing list contains more than one hundred and fifty addresses where the weekly Post is sent. Many access the Blog without direct mailing by accessing the Blog link http://www.friendsofcopey.com.

Without any prior blogging experience, with zero experience managing a Blog site, and lacking any strong evidence of short or long term commitment/support, launching this Blog was the first real act of “faith” on our part. The first Post and the very first year, established the foundation we now use to measure and evaluate our progress and results.

Today we celebrate our 372nd publication. Mathematically, this is 52 Posts each year…a Post published each week for seven years.

“Love the resiliency demonstrated and I just know it will continue to thrive in years and decades to come.” Cynthia M.

Next, during our seven year run, we have maintained annual counts of site visits by “Friends” and others. Next week I will provide this year’s final total since there are still a few days left in this year for counting.

However, we have already exceeded the prior two years of documented site visits and it will account for the second highest number of visits to the Blog site since we began.

Translated, this means “Friends” continue to value the news provided in the Post each week.

International Interest...

The data also indicates other interesting information. It has always been a mystery regarding the international curiosity or interest for this Blog. It is natural to experience site visits from the USA, Costa Rica, and Canada. These countries have been at the top consistently over the years.

However, beyond these three countries a very wide range of other countries visit this Blog. The top five 2020 countries in order are the USA, Costa Rica, China, Canada, and Panama. The second top five include Germany, France, Spain, Uganda, and India.

But why China…? China was not among the top fifteen countries over the previous six years. China is number three today. The mystery continues as why a small education project generates world-wide interest.

Comments Are Important

The total number “Comments” submitted by “Friends” using the Blog total ninety-two this year. Over the seven year period, we averaged eighty comments annually. Many comments are submitted and kept in the “pending” status since they are personal

“Thank you for sharing your successes amid such challenges. Congratulations to all CLC students and teachers!!!” Stephanie T.

comments (positive) and not intended for general consumption. I review all “comments” to determine if the intention is for everyone to read or not. I also receive many personal email messages regarding the Posts without being officially counted in our Blog data.

I encourage all “Friends” to use the “Comments” option and feel free to express your thoughts regardless. I love comments and feedback.

“Thank you Arthur for your blog! It gives us hope to continue working here in Costa Rica. We realize that many people have supported our students to find new and better lives. Thank you “Friends of Copey”.” Catalina Cortes

Final Comments…!

During 2020 a major change took place. For over six years we resisted making any significant changes to our Blog. In May we rolled out an entirely new Blog look. It was difficult to make the change but necessary.

It would not have been possible without my grandson Mykel Broady. He is a 2nd year student at the University of Nevada and the talent and mastermind behind the changes. I thank him for making this huge change successful. We are working close together (a blessing) and now share a very unique journey. Thank you Mykel.


3 thoughts on “End The Year Hopeful..!”

  1. Happy New Year to all Friends of Copey. Amid all the sadness, stress and uncertainty of 2020, we continue to make a positive impact on these young people. May you be blessed for your contribution to this wonderful endeavor, however large or small.

  2. Wonderful news – it is impossible to know how far out the “waves of care” are flowing – and so good to know some folks in China are interested! The Copey Learning Center will have an impact on so many people. Thank you, to all there in Costa Rica, and thank you, Scrapper!

  3. Happy New Year to all Friends. Congratulations on so much success, Scrapper, and thanks to everyone involved with Copey Learning Center!

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