Believe…Respect…and Love…!

“We must believe in the power of education. We must respect just laws. We must love ourselves, our old and our young, our women as well as our men.”    By Arthur Ashe


“On-Line” Educational Services Project Update…!

Week 9 is now complete and we continue to move forward. I enjoyed visiting several of the virtual classrooms last week and the magic continues. The students are very sharp being led by very excellent teachers. The teacher talent is deep. Measuring the overall impact of this project is just impossible. Truly gifted and talented teachers do more than “teach” subject matter. There are many subtle learning experiences going on during the teaching process. Students develop listening skills, appropriate and timely responses, following directions, and class interaction. These are but a few less obvious benefits beyond learning English. The “Dream Team” impact both short and long term.

We are working on a little different and special adjustment for the final weeks. This will be shared in greater detail next week. But know, we are continuing to be innovative and challenging ourselves to do what no one else is doing.

We have approximately 5 weeks left in this bizarre school year in Copey. When we look back at our reaction to COVID-19, we will have much to be proud of. “We are believers, lawful, and lovers of what we do”.

Jane Rutledge…Dream Teamer!

Jane is no stranger to you or to the community of Copey. She devoted three months of her time and talent as a Copey Learning Center volunteer teacher in 2017. There are not many retired educators I know who continue to be passionate and active teachers. You can look back at Posts published in September thru November 2017 and find numerous accounts of Jane’s impact on the Copey Learning Center and the community. Also, you can obtain a past copy of the Emory & Henry College’s Fall-Winter 2017-2018 issue of the Alumni Magazine and read about her Copey Learning Center service.

Jane grew up in Abingdon, Virginia and graduated from E&H College in 1973. Her late husband Gail graduated in 1969 and was a dear friend and my fraternity brother. When Gail passed away in early 2017, Jane contacted me and this contact later provided the opportunity for Jane to learn about Copey.

Jane taught for 3 months in Copey and after our 50 years being friends, as “divine intervention” would have it, we both attended the annual Copey Learning Center’s graduation in 2017.

When Jane was invited to join the “on-line” educational service project, she did not hesitate to come on board. For Jane, joining the “Dream Team” was a no-brainer. I enjoy so much watching her work with her on-line class each week. She and the rest of the “Dream Team” members are exceptional and talented.

As Jane would say…”the pay is excellent” and I agree. Some things are just worth so much and makes it very hard to assign a price. And, some people are so unselfish, so extraordinary, and so priceless. Many many Thanks Jane!

“For the will and not the gift makes the giver.”  By Gotthold Ephraim Lessing


3 thoughts on “Believe…Respect…and Love…!”

  1. Thanks, Jane, for all you do for Copey Learning Center. May God bless you richly for dedicating your retirement time to helping others reach their dream and potential.

  2. I love Jane’s comment, “The pay is excellent.” I have always said that the rewards from teaching are so great that I suppose that is why we aren’t given more to deposit into our bank accounts. Everyone who has seen that light bulb shine when something is learned, they have felt the joy. You can’t feel that from any other kind of payment. Many thanks to my students in Copey. They did a fabulous job on Monday night and last night! I’m so fortunate.

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