Dream to Lead…Not to Follow!

 “The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to end up in places no one has ever seen before.”      By Albert Einstein                                                                                                                       

Jose Daniels Flores…Copey Student

This is our third interview with students from the Copey Learning Center. Jose is provided the opportunity to demonstrate to “Friends of Copey” his excellent progress towards becoming an excellent English skills student.
Jose is being asked about his siblings, his hobbies, favorite country to visit, Copey, why he enjoys learning English, and what he enjoys about the Copey Learning Center.

Emery Reid…Dream Teamer!

Our team of volunteer teachers supporting the “on-line” educational services is a very balanced cadre of educators. Early on I mentioned that if we were to start a school, this group of teachers could cover all of the essential educational bases needed for success.

Emery is an excellent team member supporting this project. He fits right in with the “Friends of Copey” with his energy, desire, and of course, the “heart of a servant” typically associated with “Friends”. Emery has said, “I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the team!”

Emery grew up in southwest Virginia nearby Emory & Henry College. While he is a graduate of the University of Virginia, his wife Cathy graduated from Emory & Henry College. With “Friends” there is always a close connection with our college. Emery and Cathy have three great kids and it is obvious theirs is a great close knit family.

As a school educator, Emery has strong views on building bridges between his own school community and the world community. He believes such bridges when built contribute to much better understanding and empathy of others.

Emery has served as school counselor and coordinator for the Upward Bound program. Currently he is teaching Spanish and has taught history in the past.

I have observed Emery teaching his Copey High School Intermediate level class. It is exciting to observe Emery’s expertise, student management skills, and confidence on display.
When Emery was invited to join us on this project, he responded, “You and the rest of the Friends of Copey are doing the very thing I would love to help with, investing in and empowering young people and building bridges that lead to blessing and opportunity on both ends.”

Teach and lead and they will follow.



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