Share Attitude of Gratitude…!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”                                     By Brian Tracy

On-Line Education Services…!

We are nearing the mid-point for the education services we are supporting in Copey. All the teachers appear to be moving along very well. The teachers I hear from confirm classroom time with the students is very productive and everyone is now settled in. This is developing into an amazing experience for both students and teachers.

Maria Anyela Ulloa Mora…!

Thank you for such a positive response to Anyela’s student profile provided last week. Several of you sent comments indicating your appreciation. Last week I was unable to get the video included in the Post but since figured it out…hopefully! Enjoy watching this interview.

The interviewer is Celeste and because some of the audio may not be clear, here are a few of the areas of questions Celeste is asking, “how is the on-line educational services going?” Also, Anyela is scheduled to come to the USA next June so Celeste is asking about expectations of the “2021 Pathway Project”, and what Anyela enjoys about her participation with the Copey Learning Center.

Last week, you witnessed how well Anyela writes English and you saw her great penmanship. Today, you can actually hear her speak.

Katy D…Teacher Extraordinaire!

Many times in the past, I have shared my belief that our relationship with the Copey Learning Center is magical or divinely ordained. We have a long list of remarkable and memorable experiences we can account for…often against all odds. The “on-line” educational service support we provide is also exceptional. The volunteer teachers who have come on board are really special.

“One little girl cries every time we start our Goodbye Song…I feel like am going to have to go there someday and cheer her up!”

Katy D. , one of our volunteer teachers, is multi-talented with an illustrious educational and musical career. She endures the little girl crying each week.

Katy D. has her Masters in Music Education, has taught in the public school, community college and the four year college level. She has performed with orchestras, symphonies, and in operas. She is a professional soprano. She has even founded and conducted an award winning choir. She also holds positions as chair or board memberships with national organizations and with Emory & Henry College. Married with two sons, she fits the description “extraordinaire”, most impressive.

Katy is very excited about her new experiences with the Copey students. She says, “This week felt like a break-through week. The students are really sounding out the small words we are learning on our Word Wall. And, I can tell we are developing esprit de corps. We have been dancing and singing our way through connectivity issues and learning with a smile! 
Another “Dream Team” member will be featured next week!





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