Always Others to Thank…!

“If you want to reach the top, don’t run over others. Likely, the only way you’ll reach the top is to be carried there by others.”     By  John C. Maxwell

“Distance Learning Update..!”

Wonderful news continues! Our “on-line” educational service project reports continue to come in indicating teaching and learning are both going very well. Familiarity is growing between teacher and students and small tweaks are added to help improve the overall effort and process. We can say “all is becoming normal and routine”.

Thank You Teachers…Just Awesome!

We are now past week six and the road bumps we encounter are no longer big surprises. More often these bumps have to do with the nature of things expected working long distance and connecting in a rural community with limited internet resources. Regardless, these professional teachers are well equipped to meet all the challenges as they show up each week. Next week, I will highlight Katy D. and the outstanding work she is doing with her “on-line” classroom.

Highlighting Maria Anyela Ulloa Mora..!

This week I want to introduce you to another very special Copey Learning Center student.  Anyela was scheduled to travel to the United States last June as a “2020 Pathway Project” participant. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cancelled her opportunity but we are hopeful we will see her in June 2021 when we will host the next “Pathway Project”.

Anyela has spent 8 years at the Copey Learning Center and is currently 16 years old.

She was one of three students who participated last June in Emory & Henry College’s “Summer Scholars” program on-line.

“Friends of Copey” received this letter back in March just before COVID-19 arrived written by Anyela. This letter demonstrates her knowledge and use of the English language along with her very good penmanship.

In the letter she says, “I am quite grateful for you, the people who helped me to be part of this group of English students”. She says further, “I am going to keep in mind that you were one of the supports that helped to give me a better future.”

We are also pleased to claim her as an Anne G. Broady Scholarship recipient. “Friends”, this is strong evidence of the success produced by your support for the AGB Scholarship Fund. She is in position to become another outstanding role model and leader among her peers and the younger students in Copey. (Anyela shown on the left.)

Thanking Others!

I have a strange theory about life I wish to share with you. This theory has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. I believe “Friends of Copey” has made the theory more real and visible. This theory is simple on the surface but over time can have a significant impact on you and your perception of life. 

Simply saying “thank you” to others each day for small and large reasons is a wonderful life practice to engage in providing many life benefits.

I try to find people or reasons each day to say “thank you”…and these people are not hard to find and saying “thank you” and meaning it is not hard to do. Frankly, there is not enough time in my day to say “thank you” to all the people and for all the reasons a “thank you” is deserved. Having this frame of mind, I have so little time to be negative about life and people. I connect with the good in people and experience the positive sides of life. A “thank you” reminds me there is something of value being received and I am grateful. I love wearing rose colored glasses!

Possibly, you can look back over seven years of Posts and find countless times when “thank you” has been written to you and about you. “Friends of Copey” tries to do right and do well and this is our reputation and the reason for today’s quote. We are not yet at the top but we get closer all the time. And, be assured the stairs to the top are built with many wonderful people and a lot of “thank you” messages. And, the building continues.

If you are not accustom to seeking ways to say “thank you” several times a day, give it a try for a short time. I am sure it will remind you of blessings all around you just ready and waiting to be recognized and be a source of real joy!

Thank you “Friends of Copey”


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  1. Just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed Celeste’s interview with Leonor last week, and now to read about Anyela is also exciting. The photos of the Emory & Henry students and the students from Copey Learning Center are always beautiful and inspiring. I appreciate Celeste and Catalina for all their hard work and help with our online teaching. To the students of Copey…YOU ROCK!

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