Happiness…Is Having Friends..!

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”                                                                  By Mahatma Gandhi

COVID-19 Update..!

Costa Rica announced last Friday that the total COVID-19 related deaths totaled 583, according to official data released by the Health Ministry. The Health Ministry also announced the cumulative total of cases in the country was 53,969 as of Friday.

COVID-19 Copey Education Status..!

The public schools in Costa Rica will only conduct school on-line as previously reported. Therefore, public education and English education in Copey are being provided to students who have the needed electronic devices. This dual educational service available in Copey is not being provided elsewhere in Costa Rica as far as we can determine. Just imagine that!

We are now in Week 5 and the “Dream Team” is moving full speed. The students and the volunteer teachers are working well together. When I have the opportunity, I visit on-line classrooms to see how things are going. I wish all of the “Friends” could see how things are going.

A teacher/coordinator meeting was held on Saturday to discuss how things are going. The discussion was very positive and productive. There were two or three items mentioned, mostly software or technical related, where possible improvements could be considered.

Leonor Rodriguez 

Meet Leonor…and see one of the Copey Learning Center’s very promising students. She is only eight years old and has been attending English classes for almost three years. Leonor already has a head start on life as she develops her bilingual language skills.

This video is conducted by Celeste who is also coordinating the “on-line” education service. Recall, Celeste was one of the first two students to travel to the US in 2016 as a “Pathway Project” recipient . So, there are really two important features in this short video. Leonor, who is still on the front end of her English education, demonstrates how English proficient she has become. Then, Celeste, a graduate from the Copey Learning Center, is also English proficient and now working hard to support the center’s mission.

We plan to highlight more English proficient students affiliated with the Copey Learning Center over the next several weeks.

Lisa B…!

“I love teaching the students in Copey, and I wish things weren’t so chaotic with my move to OH, as I would enjoy teaching another hour each week.  The students have been totally committed to our lessons”, says Lisa B.

Lisa B.’s move to Ohio is because her husband Dave has just been hired as the next President of Hiram College. “Friends” extends it congratulations to both Lisa and Dave for the next new and exciting chapter in their lives.

Lisa B. is one of the reasons we can refer to our volunteer teachers as the “Dream Team”. Her reputation as a star teacher and accomplished musician is well established. She has successfully blended her extraordinary musical talents with her exceptional teaching skills. Having done so, she is capable of providing an extremely valuable learning experience for students…especially the younger students.

Lisa has been connected to “Friends of Copey” since “Friends” started. Her willingness to volunteer to teach Copey Learning Center students “on-line” has become that wonderful opportunity for her to utilize those amazing teaching talents…and making a huge difference. You can Google “Baldwin and Haney” for much more information about this power couple.


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  1. This is great! I love seeing a teacher and student interacting – and we can see that the program is so successful! Thank you all!

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