Heading in the Right Direction..!

Since nothing is more important for the advancement of civilization than education for the coming generation, Cindy and I laud the august efforts of Arthur Broady and all The Copey Learning Center supporters. Bless you all.” By Larry and Cindy Windes

Costa Rica COVID-19 Update..!

As of last Friday, Costa Rica’s Health Ministry announced a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases. The current total of 45,680 cases represent a significantly new high over the past 30 days.

Previously on August 10th, I reported Costa Rican COVID-19 deaths totaled 218. According to the Health Ministry’s official announcement, total deaths have risen to 469 adults. This comprises of 163 adults, 306 elderly adults, and to date there has not been any children reported having died from the virus. Despite the increase in cases, Costa Rica is continuing its “controlled reopening.” Most economic activity is allowed, and tourists from certain countries — including several U.S. states — can enter.

Costa Rican Education Update..!

“Students will not return to school in-person during 2020,” said Education Minister Guiselle Cruz Maduro. This decision does not mean that school will not continue. To the contrary, the country is moving to the advancement and strengthening of “distance learning.”                                               

Last March, more than 1 million Costa Rican students were provided with an institutional/educational email account in order to use “distance learning” for public education. To date, close to 60% have completed their account activation. This means at this time, close to 40% of the country’s students are not set up to continue public education for a variety of reasons including homes being without internet services.

Efforts are underway to install broadband internet services in every public school by the end of 2021. The first-of-its-kind strategy would especially benefit rural communities that otherwise do not have reliable connectivity.

Copey Students Being Supported..!

Copey, being a rural community is among those locations with homes lacking reliable internet services. Some homes do have the service and are participating in the “on-line” educational services being managed by the Copey Learning Center and “Friends of Copey”. An estimated 50 students are benefiting by having the “Dream Team” working with them each week.

“Thank you, Dream Team, for the great work you’ve undertaken with the Copey Learning Center during this unprecedented time! Yours is the kind of service that will truly change lives for the good. Way to go for signing-on!” Joseph T. (Friend)

Additional comments from teachers and “friends” have been received regarding our experiences with our “on-line” educational services: 

Proud of the teachers and students who are working so hard to make Copey Learning Center a success, despite the changes!” Kay F. (Friend)

Today the Kindergarten students started whole words on their Word Wall and were able to do a lot of them! We read small books, sang Songs and danced and played silly word games; and when it was time to say “goodbye” one little girl cried…. I hope she knows I will be there for her next week! And every week after that until class is over!” Katy D. (Teacher)

Week 4 Completed..!

This past week we saw progress with the students being more engaged. This is an ongoing process. As you can see in Katy’s note, strong bonding is developing as expected. Young students learn when there is a “bond of trust” between the student and teacher. Other teachers are beginning to see the same developments Katy speaks of.

As Katy indicates, learning should be fun and under these conditions with the virus and students spending 90% plus of their time at home…fun can be a very important teaching tool.

As Joseph said above…”this is the kind of service that can truly change lives”.

I thank everyone involved!


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