Meant To Be..!

“You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.  By Jessica Taylor

Background Information!

I had previously indicated there would be some added news to our already existing “on line” educational services project. I am ready to announce some great news as we move into the final five weeks of our support. First, let’s recap where we are:

We are currently conducting weekly one hour sessions with seven different education levels of Copey students. The Copey Learning Center is physically closed due to the virus. However, English education is continuing during the sessions with the assistance of the team of active and retired teachers who have tremendous educational credentials.

The New News!

Starting this week, several Emory & Henry College students will join in as student participants (teacher assistants) for the balance of the “on-line” educational service project. These students will observe, interact, assist, and provide classroom instruction during their five week assignment. Each student will receive college credit for their involvement.

These students will benefit from first line experience working alongside extraordinary teachers and engaging face to face with students from a rural community…all being done via on-line. And this project will have E&H students, faculty, and alumni, all working in concert.

“Friends” continues to enjoy and value the continuous support Emory & Henry College provides. This small liberal arts college located in southwest Virginia is a leader among its peers when it comes to non-traditional and innovative approaches to education.

Another Development of Interest!

Although all of the teachers are doing excellent work and there is much to shout about…one project worth sharing is the developing interaction between U.S. students and the Copey students. Teacher, Emery Reid is working on a project which will result in students exchanging information and communicating…or a version of a “Pen Pal” arrangement. We can be very excited over the prospects of local students in southwest Virginia meeting with Copey students.

Emery Reid was highlighted in the recent post titled “Dream to Lead…Not to Follow” dated October 5, 2020. Also, more information about Emery is available under the “Dream Team”. He is looking forward to having a college student join him for the final weeks.

Final Note 

I enjoy the wonderful notes and comments I get week after week and many are found at the end of the Posts for others to read. I feel especially moved to share the following notes from Lisa, Jennie, and Kay:

“I love Jane’s comment, “The pay is excellent.”  I have always said that the rewards from teaching are so great that I suppose that is why we aren’t given more to deposit into our bank accounts.  Everyone who has seen that light bulb shine when something is learned, they have felt the joy.  You can’t feel that from any other kind of payment.  Many thanks to my students in Copey.  They did a fabulous job on Monday night and last night!  I’m so fortunate.”  Lisa B.

And then…:                                               

Hey Scrapper,
Love reading your posts, and miss seeing you! I still plan to get down to Copey when this Covid thing is over.  It’s still scary, and we’re trying to stay safe while leading a somewhat normal life…! Hope all is well with you.  Let me know when it’s safe to plan to come to Copey.  Jennie S.
And, finally:
Thanks, Jane, for all you do for Copey Learning Center. May God bless you richly for dedicating your retirement time to helping others reach their dream and potential.  Kay P.




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  1. Wonderful to read and see all the good you are creating and sharing w/ others Scrapper. Lin

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