Wandering…But Not Lost!

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be”.      By Douglas Adams

Sister Completes Radiation Treatment

Early last May, my sister Patricia Wright was diagnosed with Stage 2 “Endometrial Cancer” (sometimes referred to as uterine cancer). Subsequently, she had an operation and it was determined a very high percentage of the Patriciacancer was successfully removed. She was then referred to our local Cancer Center and radiation therapy was prescribed to complete the removal of any remaining cancer cells.

It is the custom at the local Cancer Center when a patient completes their radiation therapy, the patient gets to “ring the bell” located within the Center. This alerts the staff and patients in the Cancer Center of another successful therapy completion and is a form of celebration for the patient and family.

Patricia has a follow-up meeting in about 3 months to determine if further treatments are needed. It is a real challenge for someone to deal with cancer while fearing COVID-19 as well. She has been a real trooper and as we always do…we lean on our faith and friends. Congrats…from all the “Friends of Copey”.

On-Line Update…!

If you are a 7 year old, or a 12 year old, or even a 15 year old living in a rural and small community located in central Costa Rica, and your school is shut down indefinitely, what would life be like for you? With the country’s “stay in order” in effect, children are losing time and opportunity to develop as students.

Costa Rica Oct 2013 248

These are very real issues in Copey and similar communities where schools, community centers, and churches all provide both adults and the young positive healthy social interaction. Since March, these community resources have not been available during COVID-19.

Main street Copey is shown.

In typical fashion, the Copey community is responding to the effects of lost school time and social interaction especially among school friends. The Copey Learning Center with the support of the “Friends of Copey” just finished the first week of on-line educational services provided to students in Copey.

The first week was mostly “meet and greet” as the students and the teachers met for the first time. The technology needed testing because its success depends on the existence, type, and quality of the “in home” devices being used. Not all families have computers, laptops, tablets, or IPads. Those who are fortunate to have anyone of these devices, still have variations in device capability. These issues will smooth out over time.

Just you imagine being the Copey parent witnessing a teacher interacting and engaging with your young student in an educational project. What must this feel like? Instead of seeing your son or daughter spend so much non-productive time at home each day, you now see teachers reaching out to help. For a parent in Copey, this must be one welcomed and satisfying experience.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”…Zig Ziglar

The “Dream Team”

Also, there is a second story developing. This has to do with the team of volunteer teachers involved…now at 9 in number. You could literally start a new school with these teachers and cover all of the essential educational bases. Every important element of a quality education is embodied in the credentials belonging to this team.

“We had thirteen and fourteen year-olds, two boys and two girls. I was impressed by their English.”  Emery R. from Virginia

Each teacher has something of tremendous value, unique, and beneficial to provide these rural, isolated, and otherwise forgotten students.thank you

“I had a blast.” –  Jane R. from North Carolina
Look at the menu and click on the tab “Dream Team”. You will find a brief (not complete) bio on each volunteer teacher. The list is not complete as I am still gathering bios. Still recruiting a few more volunteers to support this project.

“The students were great.” Lisa B. from North Carolina

As information flows from both the volunteer teachers and the coordinators in Copey, I will share updates on our progress.


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  1. So glad for your sister’s recovery and prayers for her continued strength. Love the progress and forward thinking in Copey

  2. Congratulations Patricia!! So happy you have completed your surgery and treatments. I look forward to each week with my students. We will all get better and learn together. I’m still trying to learn TEAMS and the technology, but I know it will all work out. This is another lesson in life-long learning!! Thank you for this opportunity and for all you do, Scrapper.

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