“Optimism…A Force of Change”

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”      By William James

“Power of Distance Learning”

Does the idea of doing something the first time excite you? Being challenged with the unknown and uncertainty of the outcome and results inspire you…maybe just a little? And, maybe just knowing that many others would rather not even try… can alone be a powerful source of determination?

I have exchanged information with most of the volunteers over the past two weeks and they are expressing  a high level of optimism and excitement. Meaning…they are fired up and have very positive expectations.

“I had a note from one student who said he really likes the class.  That made my week!  Lisa B.

Our volunteer teachers are working with the students and experiencing both the technology and the cultural challenges this project provides. Teachers believe this project promises to be a very successful experience.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the team!” Emery R.

My recent skype call with the project coordinator (Celeste and Catalina) confirmed there is enthusiasm among the teachers and students. The coordinators praised the volunteer teachers for their efforts and are impressed with their teaching skills. I am certain this “Dream Team” is the right team for this remarkable project.

We create opportunities to learn and provide the best educators we can find to deliver. Our purpose is always to “make a difference!” Arthur B.

Thank You!

Thanks for the positive responses to the news about my sister’s (Patricia) health covered in last week’s Post. We continue to pray for her ongoing progress and improvement. All kinds of illnesses seem to be part of all of our lives.

We also pray for Catalina’s (project coordinator) mother who is experiencing illness. I ask all friends to keep friends and family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Final Thoughts…!

Many of you “Friends” know me well by now. I am an “optimist…glass half-full and a let’s give it a try”…kind of guy. I enjoy life and I expect each day to be sunny and bright.

Copey, Costa Rica has been a wonderful blessing for me. Why you ask? Because I am in touch almost everyday with the most giving, unselfish, and “servant minded” people you can find. Those I work closely with in Copey, those “Friends” all around this country, and those nearby me each day, all combine to make my day full of sunshine, hope, and joy. 

As you have noticed, I enjoy quotes. I find them very inspiring. This one speaks volumes about “Friends”…about you. Share the joy of doing something for another in such extraordinary ways.

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” Ralph Marston

2 thoughts on ““Optimism…A Force of Change””

  1. Scrapper, You and I share the love of encouraging quotes. Thanks for sharing yours with us. Redirecting frustration rings out loud and clear.

    I know that many will understand the importance of what I am sharing in this reply, so what better place to post such a wonderful and positive experience that just happened to me. One of many incredible educational experiences I had in the the past forty years was teaching fifth grade at Drake Middle School in Auburn, AL from 1990 – 1995. About a year ago, a former student reached out through FB to tell me she was teaching in Manhattan and had been asked to share a story about one of her favorite teachers and something special that she cherished about that teacher and the class. She sent me the story that she wrote and had shared with her colleagues. Her words brought tears to my eyes, as she told the story of how I would always write positive comments on her papers/stories and encourage her to continue writing and making a voice for herself. I am still so thankful that Christine reached out to me and that she thinks of me as a teacher to celebrate. She was in my class in 1991, and yesterday she came to visit me. We had not seen each other since her fifth grade year. She is now married and has a four year old son. They had to leave Louisiana earlier than expected due to the hurricane. I rescheduled my Monday class with my Copey students to prepare for her visit and make sure she understood how much her visit meant to me. We talked until 2:00 am, and I shared with her how happy I am to have the opportunity to volunteer and teach the students in Copey. As frustrated as I get with technology and my lack of patience with it, my time with my students in Copey is just as rewarding, if not more, than any experience I have had. I am learning from my students, and I hope they will learn from me. More importantly, I hope they will feel that our time together is fun, invigorating, and meaningful. I hope they can sense that I care and that I want them to make a voice for themselves…in Spanish and in English. How fortunate I will be if I get to see one of my Copey students when it is safe to do so.

    Sorry for the length of this post. I’ll keep future replies shorter!!! Please forgive any errors.

  2. Keep up the optimism, great things can be accomplished with a little hard work and dedicated people. So happy to hear that your sister is continuing to improve. Proud of the teachers and students who are working so hard to make Copey Learning Center a success, despite the changes!!

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