Your Truth…Your Choice!

“I feel sorry for anybody that could let hate wrap them up. Ain’t no such thing as I can hate anybody and hope to see God’s face.”     By Fannie Lou Hamer

Congratulations to Mariana, Anyela, and Fabiana

The “2020 Pathway Project” had to be cancelled as a result of Covid-19. This involves Copey students traveling to the United States to attend the Summer Scholars Program sponsored by Emory & Henry College in Virginia. The cancelled Summer Scholars Program on campus was instead offered as an on-line program. As previously reported, the cancellation of the on campus program was not enough to prevent three Copey students from participating in the Summer Scholars Program’s on-line offering. Mariana Photo

Last week, the Copey students attended the on-line program with other students mostly from southwest Virginia, east Tennessee, and North Carolina. I enjoyed being an observer a few times and watched the students work on projects and solve difficult problems. Anyela and Fabiana

Perhaps, we all learned some valuable lessons during the Summer Scholars Program. Here are just a few I learned:

  1. Students working together can teach each other a great deal…“peer teaching”
  2. Teaching does not always have to be in a classroom setting to be effective
  3.  Distance learning education is not restrained by physical barriers or locations
  4. Skilled teachers can teach a variety of courses with long distance learning Distance Learning

Calling all Teachers!

I am ready to explore with my large teacher following, thoughts about offering Copey students short selected courses using “distance learning” technology.

I am inviting all retired teachers to comment since you have spent careers in the classroom. Available technology provides the opportunity for you to sit at home and continue to share your knowledge, experience and education with some students who would truly benefit.  Love to hear from you. 

Blog Changes

From responses and data showing site visits, clearly many have seen the various visible changes we have made to our Blog. Changes are continuing so you are encouraged to read the Post each week and to explore some of the changes. Upcoming changes include:

  1. Ongoing changes in the photo gallery.
  2. The homepage photos frequently updated/changed
  3. New proposed additions to the pull down tab to include a couple recommended special books and authors
  4. Our dream Copey Learning Center design and responsible Architect
  5. Highlights of “Friends Comments”
  6. Extended list of “Key Friends”
  7. And more…changes to come

Covid-19 Update!

In Costa Rica the report at the end of last week 1,263 cases and 10 deaths reported. The number of deaths remains the same as last week although the number of cases increased. There is still gradual re-opening of businesses in the country. However, it appears there is little interest in schools being reopened.

Final Word…!

My sincere prayer is for all to come as close as possible to what is the truth about our country and strive for the honest kinds of changes a unified country needs. Our political and racial agendas have served as destructive roadblocks, costly distractions, and wasted energies keeping honest and meaningful change from happening. This country needs honest truth workers untethered by political hypocrisy and destructive racial agendas if this country has a chance of becoming better than this.  O Lord…hear my prayer!



3 thoughts on “Your Truth…Your Choice!”

  1. Thanks for the great update. And I love the quote from Fannie Lou Hamer! I had watched a staged portrayal of Fannie Lou on the stage at Emory & Henry College, and found her life amazing. She is such a hero, but I had not seen that saying by her. I plan to save that one for my own future reference.

  2. We have chosen a difficult and rewarding path which will present challenging options. Keep the eye on the goal! L

  3. Congratulations to the Copey Learning Center students and ALL students completing the Summer Scholars program! 🌟🌟🌟 True, positive change is bound to come through cooperation and effective communication, and distance learning can be an effective tool until we can safely come together again!

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