Listening Takes Courage…!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”    By Thomas A. Edison

New Door Opens…!

As mentioned last week, when a door shuts on “Friends of Copey”, we typically experience another door opening!Young Scholars Pic

Today, three students from the Copey Learning Center began participating in the Summer Scholars Program sponsored by Emory & Henry College.

Fabiana Cruz Ulloa and Anyela Ulloa Mora are our two “2020 Pathway Project” students who would have traveled to the USA this month. The Summer Scholars Program is being conducted on-line. The photo shows their active participation.

Summer Scholars class

Fabiana is a 9th grade student moving up to the 10th grade and Anyela is a 10th grade student moving up to the 11th grade.

Fabiana and Anyela

Fabiana and Anyela are shown together.

And, there is more.

Last year’s “2019 Pathway Project” student Mariana Rodriguez Mora, a 9th grade student moving up to the 10th grade, is also a participant in the Summer Scholars Program. All three are enrolled in “Problem Solving” and “Geometry in Art and Nature”.


The Copey Learning Center and “Friends of Copey” thank E&H College for inviting and covering the tuition cost for each student.

This partnership with the college continues to produce opportunities for the Copey students to learn and interact with US students. This is not typically the experience most young people have living in remote locations in the Costa Rican communities.

Costa Rica Covid-19

The Ministry of Health in Costa Rica reported Saturday 1,047 Covid-19 cases and 10 deaths have been registered. Costa Rica’s main concern right now is how the pandemic is being handled in Nicaragua. One reader’s comment in response to this report is there should be far more concern over the fact “only” 10 have died from the virus. The country’s shut down should be more focused on rate of death and not the number of reported cases. Interesting!

However, the latest news indicates the country is moving on to Phase 3 and will begin now to systematically re-open many of its businesses. I could not find anything specifically regarding re-opening of the schools.

Changes and Improvements in Blog Continue…!

I continue to receive very positive comments about our recent changes. All are encouraging and inspiring. Keep the feedback flowing.

“ooooh I like it!! I especially like all the links. It’s more like a webpage now…with answers and topics! GOOD ON YA!!!”  M. Hoel

“Just read your post! Getting better and better for an old man!”  J. Rutledge 

“Beautiful and exciting changes for “Friends” and future “Friends”. Thank you to all involved in these innovative and strategic changes that will bring opportunity for more connections and make us a stronger family.” L. Baldwin 

Final Word…!

Prayers are extended to the Floyd family for their loss. And, prayers are also extended to this country as well. Each day there are opportunities we have as individuals and as communities to do better…and to be better.

On Saturday, I watched our country “doing better” as a spacecraft was successfully launched into space. This achievement demonstrated the capability of great minds working together and the incredible blend of talent and technology. I saw how uncommon partners, US private industry and the US Government, with determination and willpower made history and placed us on a new path of space exploration.

Also on Saturday and since, I have witnessed the opposite. Absent are the great minds of religion, the political and social leaders, and others working together for the purpose of us “doing better”. Instead, I see the worthy cause of justice and the quest for meaningful solutions being lost in the destruction of property, looting, burning, and destroying what belongs to someone else…often the innocent. Among the assembled groups in cities all over, it is difficult to tell the difference between protesting and rioting and the difference between those wanting to be a better country and those with no regard for anyone or anything. The line between noteworthy and justifiable protest and senseless destruction is now blurred. The courage lacking to listen and hear, and then act as needed prevents us from doing better.

When the spacecraft returns to earth, those returning likely will find not much has changed…for the better. We just simply lack the determination required/demanded to ensure and provide to all, the promises found in our US Constitution. We all need prayer!

Stay connected and well my “Friends”



3 thoughts on “Listening Takes Courage…!”

  1. Your words are so eloquent and true, Scrapper. I’m once again in shock over the state of our nation. I have been so excited about the launching of a spacecraft in these troubling times. However, it is difficult to celebrate anything now that I have watched the murder of George Floyd. We can and must do better. We need compassion in our leadership and in ourselves. Today I plan listen to Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind.” His lyrics give me hope…. “how many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free, how many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see.. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind. I still believe.

  2. Well said my friend. You are a wonderful example for us all! Thank you for your insight and dedication. Lin

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