Memorial Day…Honored!

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  John Bunyan

“Remembrance Day”

This day has a special place in my heart and it has become a special feature of this Blog. The first time I posted this feature was in 2014. That is when I first introduced “Friends” to four high school buddies who died while serving in the Viet-Nam Conflict. Each year, I take this day to honor their memory, service, and sacrifice.Viet name Photo

These four young men, Michael Charles, Daniel Watkins, Frank Campbell, Jr. and Kenny Delaney joined the military following their high school graduation. Three were killed on the battle field. The fourth while wearing his uniform was murdered by a civilian while home on leave. Each were tragic and devastating losses.

Although several other schoolmates died during this conflict, these four friends were the closest. Thereby, each Memorial Day for me is…”Remembrance Day”. I have vowed to keep their memory alive because when I consider my freedom…I remember their sacrifice.

The New Blog…!

The launching of the newly restructured Blog appears to have gone exceptionally well. There were no major glitches. If anyone is having problems with the new structure and features, please report them to me. I heard from several “Friends” and all comments have all been very positive so far.

“Hi Arthur. Your website looks great! Congrats.”  A. Beaudoin in Canada

I am certainly excited and looking forward to the flexibility and versatility this change provides. The primary purpose for the change is to provide you easier access to information and to encourage you to continue being extraordinary “Friends”. Please continue to provide your feedback.

The Copey Learning Center Update!

This week I am officially announcing the cancellation of the annual “Pathway Project”.

Abingdon Concert

My optimism and faith that some “divine intervention” would happen allowing us to proceed…has run its course. Covid-19 will have its way with us this year. Photo of “2019 Pathway Project”

Terminating the Pathway Project is disappointing but necessary. This year held much promise with two new very good students preparing to travel to the USA for our fifth annual event. Plus, there were an unprecedented four Emory & Henry College students preparing to go to Copey to work. This demonstrates the increasing popularity and interest students have in serving at the Copey Learning Center. The great volunteers and donors will look forward now to 2021.

New Door Opens…!

Many have read my rants over the years about the “unusual nature” of the “Friends of Copey” and how forces such as “faith, positive thinking, divine intervention”, and other factors provide the best explanation for much of our success. We have shut the door on the 2020 Pathway Project…but an expected door is opening on a new educational opportunity for some students in Copey. Complete details will be shared in next week’s Post.

Stay Healthy and Connected!


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day…Honored!”

  1. Great new look! And Happy Memorial Day, in honor of all those who died while serving our country!

  2. Beautiful and exciting changes for “Friends” and future “Friends”. Thank you to all involved in these innovative and strategic changes that will bring opportunity for more connections and make us a stronger family. Thanks to our leader, Scrapper! We are thankful and humbled by all who have served and continue to serve. Our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering from hurt, loss, and other struggles from Covid 19, and let us all do our best to move peacefully into our next phase. We must also do our best to stop the racial violence that continues. I can’t believe the situations we experience year after year where we wake up to see and hear such cruel treatment against our brothers and sisters of color. Let’s do our very best to have a stronger and more convincing voice to protect our dear friends like George Floyd. Rest in Peace, sweet one.

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