The Journey Continues…!

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”   Robert H. Schuller

New Day!

I recall my excitement when I published my very first Post in December 2013. It was a nervous time for me. Back then, I was embarking on an entirely new and unfamiliar venture. Now, I am feeling much the same as in December 2013. thank you

Today, we introduce our new look for the “Friends of Copey” Blog. The ultimate goal is to share with “Friends” a more “friendly and accessible” source of information each week compared to the original version now being left behind.

The Blog now features a new home page, a pull down feature for “Score Cards”, “Special Posts”, “Comments from Friends”, a Photo Gallery, and more. “Key Friends” has been updated and consolidated in the menu along with easier access to recent posts. Clearly a “work in progress” and I will continue to revise and tweak the Blog moving forward.

My very talented grandson Mykel is credited for much of this conversion. He is a business major at the University of Nevada and has assumed a huge burden helping me with this substantial change…a family project!

Copey Learning Center Update…!

The most recent Covid-19 update available from Costa Rica reports 866 total cases and a total of only 10 deaths throughout the country. Certainly most of the credit is given to the very strict rules in place such as very restrictive driving rules and approved destination points. Restaurants and beaches beginning to re-open with strict requirements. Jaco 4In Copey, the Learning Center’s struggles are closely aligned with the public schools. The local public schools are not expected to open before mid July. Also, schools could remain closed for the balance of the school year. We can only wait and see while the Learning Center students wait at home.

“Friends of Copey” 

Since we began being a devoted supporter of the Copey Learning Center, we have been tireless in our efforts. With the Copey Learning Center shut down for the time being, the work continues regardless because the need continues. Our avenues of past support have been numerous and our plan is to continue being an essential resource. imagesI enjoyed the recent conference call held with the Copey Learning Center’s Board members. There is strength in this partnership as strong as it was in the beginning. Our time waiting will be used for productive and meaningful usage of our time. We remain on the path faithfully. The journey does continue…!

Stay connected and healthy!

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  1. I love the new blog! I think the Friends of Copey is one of the cheeriest groups in my life. Thank you, Scrapper!

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