Magnetize Your Life…Today..!

“There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”     By  Paramahansa Yogananda

Thanks Bev..!

The next edition of the compilation of the “Friends of Copey” weekly Posts was delivered this week. I am very excited, blessed, and thankful. This is the sixth annual version representing the 2019 Posts.   2019 Copey Booklet 2

Beverly Eads (editor and publisher), from my vantage point, is quiet, reserved, and fully committed to this task. She works independently and goes about her business putting together these booklets year after year. A truly wonderful service voluntarily performed.

Every Post from 2013 has been collected, carefully prepared, bound and delivered to me each year.

In spite of this year being more challenging for Bev due to personal health issues and the lack of available outside business resources due to the virus situation…she still delivered! 

Posts prepared and delivered electronically is the most efficient means available to consistently and timely share information about Copey, the students, and other related matters.

However, having the hard copy documenting the year-long effort is very important as well…and it is “icing on the cake”. There is no price I can put on having the bound booklets in hand, complete, and professionally done. And there is no price I can place on the joy I personally experience whenever someone takes a close look at the physical evidence of what is accomplished each year. Thanks Bev from all the “Friends of Copey”.

Covid-19 Costa Rican Update

The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica confirmed at the end of last week the 12th death in the country. Costa Rica Plate ImageThis is after several weeks being stuck on the 8 deaths being reported. Overall, there has been 1,538 total cases reported with 1,150 Costa Rican citizens and 388 foreigners.

There are businesses opening but very slowly since recent spikes of new cases have shown up. The decision to re-start the country’s schools is still looking doubtful for this school year. (Source: The Costa Rican Star Newspaper dated June 13, 2020.)

Washington State and Local Covid-19 Update

In Washington state (not withstanding all the many issues we are experiencing today) there are 22,157 cases and 1,129 deaths reported. In the bi-county area where I reside (240 miles away from Seattle), we now have a total of 1,817 cases reported and the daily rate of new cases has decreased over the past week. Our death total since March is at 84.

Jane is a magnet! 

My friendship with Jane, unlike with most “Friends of Copey”, began in 1968 during the Emory & Henry College days…over 50 years ago. Jane was always close by being the wife of Gail Rutledge, a fraternity brother of mine (DIN).

Gail passed away in early 2017. I paid my heartfelt condolences to Jane and announced Gail’s death in my February 2017 Post. All this resulted in Jane and I getting back in touch. Then, as it isDIN Banner often said…“the rest is history!”

Being a retired educator, Jane immediately jumped at my invitation to go to Copey as a volunteer teacher. In August the same year, she arrived in Copey and went to work. She provided three months of own her unique brand of seasoned and compassion education that is still being felt in Copey today.

Her story as a volunteer is well documented in numerous Posts issued during her time in Copey. These Posts can be easily found in the Post archives. Jane’s volunteer service was also a feature in our Spring 2018 issue of our college’s Alumni Magazine. She is special the official poster child for “service to others”, for “divine intervention”, “possibilitarians”, and so on. Graduation 12

I visited with Jane in Copey in November 2017 when I attended the Copey Learning Center’s graduation. This was our first time together in almost 50 years.

So Jane…I thank you and I toast you for all you have done throughout your career for others, especially for your ongoing support and involvement in “Friends of Copey”.   

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