Another Special Post

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”     By Arthur Ashe

Can you ever get tired of joy? Can you ever get enough of just seeing good and wonderful people doing just great and amazing things? I may have come close this week but NO…you never get tired of seeing good!

This has been a week filled with an overflowing of generosity and service. And, the results have been beyond description. Since the guests from Copey, Costa Rica arrived in Washington, DC late Monday night until the present, this has been a continuation of volunteers at work and back to back activities. So many amazing things have been done in very unselfish ways. I think the best I can do is just provide a few photos of the week. photo Pond



Church service


“Hidden Figures Way”

Katherine Johnson (Aunt Katherine), Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson were the recipients of yet another great honor this week with the renaming of a popular street in Washington, DC, now named “Hidden Figures Way”.Hidden Figures Way

The street outside NASA headquarters serves to honor all the women who worked as “human computers” at Langley Research Center in Virginia at the time racial segregation and gender discrimination were commonplace.

Katherine Johnson

We continue to be especially proud of these women and particularly proud of Aunt Katherine who is the only surviving member of the three women highlighted in the film.

Deepest Appreciation to all of the “Friends of Copey, E&H College, and my hometown Kiwanis Club.

A special “Happy Father’s Day” to all the Dads!

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