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The Best has arrived…! We are excited to see the 2019 Pathway Project students (Dayana, Jimena, and Mariana arrive at the Emory & Henry College campus and things are moving quickly.

The journey to the E&H College campus was filled with fast pace excitement as well. Pathway 2019 Natural BridgeThe guests arrived in Washington, DC on Monday night and following dinner and they all needed some rest. Tuesday was a very full day visiting as many as 5 historical sites, and fighting traffic for several hours to late in the evening to connect with their next host outside of DC. Pathway 2019 Lincoln 2

Wednesday morning, they headed off to EH College but taking time to visit the Natural Bridge and underground caverns. When they arrived on campus early evening, they were treated to a cookout and sent to bed for some well deserved rest.Pathway 2019 Bear

Thursday, the students enjoyed spending time in historic Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee, “shop till you drop”, enjoyed the food, and then still had time for an outdoor concert. No doubt, the bed once again must have felt extremely inviting at the end of another long day for some weary folks.

Today, Friday is another full day. They will visit historic Marion, Virginia…my hometown and will be escorted by another one our excellent hosts. The destination is Hungry Mother State Park for some nature walks, paddle boating, and possibly swimming. Then, this evening is the big “Welcome Reception”. We can hardly wait!Pathway 2019 white house

This annual event (Reception) is so important to us all now as we enjoy this rare opportunity to actually meet students from Copey. These students have been assisted by the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund many of you annually support. The students have the opportunity to meet “Friends of Copey”, staff and faculty representing EH College, and others who help make this all possible. Even the EH College students who have volunteered in Copey and parents join in as we recognize their involvement in the “Pathway Project”.

On behalf of all the “Friends of Copey”, thank you for all you do to make this a very special time for so many.

Stay tuned in for there is much more to come!






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  1. Scrapper… I always read your posts on “Friends of Copey… I don’t respond as often as I should….. However, I am so proud of you, and the work you are doing for the children ….. great job …… keep up the great work….
    Love Tweet

  2. Hope everyone has a wonderful time at the reception and I am truly sorry I am not able to attend. Wishing the visitors a wonderful experience and the “Friends” a rewarding and interesting time. Sorry I won’t get to see you too, Scrapper. Best of everything!!

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