Friends Believe in Friends!

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”          By Abraham Lincoln

Today is extremely special and a day all of us “Friends of Copey” should enjoy and rejoice. Only minutes ago, I confirmed our four guests from the Copey Learning Center are now in America and checked in to their hotel near Washington, DC. This news represents months of planning and preparing, involving many supporters both financially and non-financially.

Pathway 2019
Jemina, Dayana, Mariana, and Catalina before departing Costa Rica

Now, the stage is set for the next two weeks with a full slate of activities and an army of local “Friends” going all out to do their best as hosts and great “Friends”.  Tomorrow, my cousin Zina will treat our guests to some site-seeing in Washington, DC, then transfer the guests to Matt Krauss where they will spend the evening in Warrenton, Virginia. Matt was one of last year’s EH College’s Pathway Project students who volunteered in Copey. He and his family will  provide food and lodging tomorrow evening. Wednesday morning, Monica from EH College will take over and return the guests to the college campus. On the way to Emory, Virginia she will add some special side-trips for the guests to enjoy.

Pathway 2019 Arrival
Waiting for departure in Miami

These and other supporters will go the extra mile to make the two weeks on our campus a memorable experience. There is so much more to come as the next several days pass.  And, 99% of the activities will be led by enthusiastic volunteer supporters.

It is very difficult to list in its entirety all the many large and small contributions people make for all this to happen and happen in an extraordinary way. Very simply put…the “hearts of servants” are always leading the way.

2019 Pathway Project…Urgent Call!!!

The Goal:  $5,600.00   Actual Income: $3,422.00    Deadline:  June 5, 2019

Several “Friends” have inquired about the funding situation for this year’s Pathway Project. I appreciate your concerns and this is the current situation provided straight and clear.

The bad news is that we likely will come up a little short of the funds we believed are needed to do the project well and appropriate. The adjustments will be made but I am expecting they will be minor.

But, we have some good news!  Several donors over the past few days have promised to send in their donation. If all these donors match their 2018 donations, we will come close to our goal.

If you are still sitting on the sideline thinking about making a donation, we are still open for business. We have contingency plans to make certain we do all that is needed to make the 2019 Pathway Project a huge success. How much of these plans we will need to implement depends how much is needed at the end of the project to cover all our expenses. “HIS will be done!” 

Guidelines for Donating Below:

The “Annual Reception” Invitation

Two years ago, George Whitley, a close “Friend” and EH College Trustee, offered to open his home and host a reception for the students when they arrived at our campus in 2017. The offer was quickly accepted and a tradition began as we now welcome guests annually. I confess, I did not realize at first this would have so much deep and personal meaning/value.

Emory 36
George with Ana Yancy and Arthur

We are now preparing for our third “Annual Reception” and its significance has become almost beyond my comprehension. The guest list grows! This annual gathering of “Friends of Copey” is now important beyond simply gathering for a cookout at George’s. This “reception” is now viewed as a serious opportunity to be together as “Friends” and to be visually united in support of the Copey Learning Center and its work.

I am sorry my west coast “Friends” cannot easily attend but there are quite a number of “Friends” in and around the EH College campus who could attend. “Friends” are located in southwest Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, east Tennessee, and even Pennsylvania join in. Come one and come all. Come and witness miracles on display! 

Early thanks to George for his unmatched generosity and support for the “Annual Reception”.

Donation Guidelines

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