Do Unto Others…!

“We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.”                            By  Edwin Markham

Costa Rican Strike…Continues!

The different labor unions involved in the public employee strike in Costa Rica rejected the “preliminary proposal” negotiated with the Government this past Friday and Saturday. A meeting between the two parties was scheduled for Sunday at 3 p.m. to discuss the proposal. Instead of the Sunday meeting, the labor union leaders held a press conference to announce they plan to continue with the “indefinite strike”. The parties participating in the strike involve hospital workers, school teachers, national emergency workers, fire and police departments, garbage collectors, and other public workers.

The Copey Learning Center Spelling Beeremains open with classes provided to those students capable of attending although the local public schools are closed. Also, as mentioned last week, the “Spelling Bee” competition has become a casualty due to the ongoing “strike”. I am certain there are other collateral impacts being experienced by the students and the communities.

Looking Back…!

It has been said that “our memory is the treasure-house of the mind” and for “Friends of Copey”, the treasure-house continues to fill up. While things have slowed down some at the Copey Learning Center, let us take a look back at some of the photos of events we have experienced in 2018. Just a few photos show us some of the many different people helping make up our recent history. We can see the young and the old working together in two countries getting things done. Let’s not forget these recent times.

Friends Books 2             carolyn Johnson

Meadow elementary school 2  Utah Photo

Utah Team and kids 6   29541447_10155498868101814_6333781006688582404_n Utah Team w Carolyn

Partnership slide. 1   Angela Kara

Emory 28  emory 56Emory 20  EH Shirt PhotosThese photos provide an amazing array of stories of achievements and eight months of life-time memories for many of us. There are many young and older folks who make up these memories and we continue to look forward to the final two months of school.

Thanks for the memories!

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