Sunrise and Hope!

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”                                    By Bernard Williams

“Costa Rica: National Strike Continues as Government, Unions Fail to Reach Agreement”

For three weeks, Costa Rica has been dealing with a significant public employee strike including protests by a variety of groups over tax reform issues. The strike includes public school teachers and is causing school closures throughout the country. The Costa Rican unions have vowed to continue the national strike until an agreement is reached with the government on fiscal reforms. However, at this time it is being call an “indefinite strike” meaning there is no end to the strike in sight.

The Copey Learning Center is operating in spite of the public school closures. But, only some of the students can attend the Center since they live nearby while those students living further distances away are unable to attend. Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee contest has been suspended because of the school closings. It is uncertain if the competition will resume when the public schools re-open. We are sorry to hear this since we (the Copey Learning Center) has several very strong students competing.

Emory & Henry College Continues…!  

I have enjoyed the feedback received on last week’s Post. The Copey students  wearing the wonderful blue and gold colors of Emory & Henry College has helped increase the growing popularity of this small liberal arts college among and around the Copey community and possibly even beyond. “Friends”, I sincerely hope you recognize how unique and rare this relationship is. EH Shirt Photos.1

Possibly, there are other US colleges or universities who have captured the hearts and souls of a small rural community in another country but, I am unaware of any. I remain convinced we are standing either alone or among very few colleges or universities who can claim to have such a positive community wide relationship and influence as depicted in this single photo.

I can see the “sunrise and hope” in these young faces and their  growing connection with E&H College. There is the possibility of new doors of educational opportunities opening for them. I look at the faces and wonder if one or more of these kids will be selected for the “Pathway Project” one day? Be certain of this, these students are aware several of the older kids in their community have made that journey to America and to E&H College and they are encouraged and highly motivated to do the same one day.

Health and Welfare Update

Ana  Yancy’s sister Marta is still hospitalized but close to completing her first round of chemo treatment. She is reported to be doing well. My Aunt Christine is in great spirits and her doctor is prescribing non-invasive medical treatment at this time. Continue to keep both of these wonderful folks in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Thinking of everyone in Costa Rica and trusting that the strikes will end soon. How wonderful to see those sweet students holding the Emory & Henry banner. What a difference everyone is making. I am always encouraged by the work, partnerships, and dedication of Friends. Thank you for keeping us posted, Scrapper. We are hoping for speedy and full recovery for Marta and your Aunt Christine! Best wishes to all.

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