We Need Peace in the Valley!

“Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.”    By Norman Vincent Peale

Hurricane Florence and the aftermath…!

I continue to highlight this weather situation because several “Friends” are experiencing  floods, electrical outages, separation from their homes, and property loss. We continue to keep  all “Friends” in our thoughts and prayers. Continued prayers and best wishes are requested for Ana Yancy’s sister Marta. And, this week I am adding my Aunt Christine (“Friend”) from Washington, DC to our prayer list. She has some new medical issues to deal with.

Emory & Henry College Connects With Costa Rica

McGlothlin Arts Center
Woodrow W. McGlothlin Center of the Arts

During the “2018 Pathway Project” this past June, Copey Learning Center’s Ana Yancy and her students met one of our college’s most intensely devoted supporters, Thomas McGlothlin, E&H College class of 1968.

Thomas proudly represents the family and the namesake of the beautiful  McGlothlin Arts Center located on the E&H College campus.

EH Tom McGlothlin
Ana Yancy and Thomas McGlothlin Visit

Tom recognizes the importance of the  relationship and impact our college is having on this small Copey community.

After Thomas visited with Ana Yancy and the students, they drove to the Campus Mercantile where Thomas purchased a large number of E&H College shirts, caps, and the E&H College banner. And, he covered all shipping costs to Costa Rica. This enormous generosity serves to put an even bigger stamp on this strong international connection between E&H College and the Copey Learning Center. Certainly this is extraordinary. However, extraordinary is not that uncommon with E&H College folks.EH Shirt Photos Many devoted “Friends” are aware that in three short years, five E&H College students including an E&H College Alumni served as volunteers in the Copey Learning Center. These volunteers have touched the lives of these students seen in these photos and have made the E&H College name and brand one of the most familiar signs around the community and beyond. “Friends” are also aware during this same three years, six Copey Learning Center students have traveled to America and visited our E&H College campus.

The E&H College family is “special”. Another extraordinary act of strong support took place recently.  Devoted “Friend”, supporter/donor, also with a very prominent E&H College family name announced plans to give a special gift to the Copey Learning Center. Steven and Edeltrout Hunt, purchased several copies of “Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe”, a children’s book authored by Jo Watson Hackl. Also, they arranged for the books to be delivered to Copey.Smack Dab.jpg

I am most thankful and grateful on behalf of “Friends” and the Copey Learning Center. This and other thoughtful, generous, and passionate efforts to support the Copey community is proof positive there is something “Just Special” about E&H College folks.

Organization Update

Last week, I referenced the new Director of the Copey Learning Center, Andrea Serrano Cortes. Again, we welcome Andrea aboard and wish her well. She has acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching (Summa Cum Laude) and is currently working on her thesis.  Also, she has experience teaching at a variety of grade levels including university students.

And, of course Ana Yancy is still on the job and she continues much of her current work on a day-to-day basis. The change helps to strengthen the staff’s ability to accommodate the surge in student growth, upgrade curriculum, and upgrade the overall operation of the Learning Center.


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