The Sun Stood Still…!

Spelling Bee Update

We have great news!  Out of the three students, we were successful in placing one student in the finals. Mariana has again demonstrated her excellent English skills and for Spelling Beethe second consecutive year, she is heading to the final competition…The Nationals.

Both Celeste and Margaritas placed very high and came close to winning their competition. Congratulations to both of them as we recognize being among the top three finalists is a huge success in view of the extremely tough competition they both faced.


The Nationals are scheduled for next Tuesday and “Friends” plans to provide some financial assistance to Mariana’s mother (Lorena) so she can attend the event to support her daughter just as she did last year. The rules of the competition only allows one family member to attend and no Learning Center staff are permitted.

Last year, we provided $200 to help offset some of Lorena’s travel and living expenses. We want to do this again so I am putting in the first $50.00 and invite others to voluntary match or chip in if you want. The funds need to be in Lorena’s hands by mid-day Friday in order for her to have access to the funds in time. So our response is urgent to get the funds to her.

The two methods for donating are still the same. Anyone can use the Copey Learning Center’s PayPal system which is available by using the link provided. Please indicate you are affiliated with “Friends” and that the donation is for “Lorena”. Find the “Donate Button” in the upper right-hand corner.

Or, due to the short notice, it may be more convenient for some to contact me directly via email with a pledge. I will submit the pledged amount to the same PayPal system on your behalf and will provide a PayPal receipt to you. I can be reimbursed at your convenience. Just send me a note at

Being in Southwest Virginia

Emory PhotoI just returned from southwest Virginia, the area I grew up in. I really enjoy seeing some of my childhood friends, spending time with my family, working with my colleagues on campus, and visiting some of the “Friends of Copey” who reside there. All of this was squeezed into a five-day visit.  Emory & Henry College and “Friends” are committed to continue the “Pathway Project 2018”. This is a great relief knowing we are on track for another year having students engaged in this unique educational exchange opportunity.

Jane’s Quote for the Week!


I was in Jane’s hometown area this past week and while on campus, several folks indicated their awareness of Jane’s volunteer service in Copey. She is highly regarded and admired by those following this Blog. Many feel she is representing one of the key values of our college…“service to others”. She is now in her final month as a volunteer in Copey. I will be in Copey to attend the “graduation” service with her later in November. This will be a very special time as two E&H graduates will be very happy to represent “Friends” and our college. There will be much to write about when we return to the US.

Final Words  (Joshua 10:13)

I attended church with my son and his family while I was back east. The essence of the minister’s message was to have the faith and expect prayers to be answered. Be “BOLD” in your prayers and ask for miracles…and expect that “sun standing still” event to happen. Although there has been some scientific debates regarding whether or not the sun once actually stood still, as with many Biblical accounts of this nature…it simply boils down to “Faith”. For me, I believe in being bold and expecting the unexpected to happen. And, I never get tired of witnessing the unexpected happening with “Friends”. Stay encouraged! There are more “sun standing still” miracles to be prayed for.


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