Faith, Hope, and Charity…Friends

GraduationThe Learning Center is moving quickly towards its end of the year destination aka “Graduation”. It is scheduled for November 24th. There is still some time available to get your plane ticket to join us for this very special occasion.

Go to your favorite source where you usually go to check on flight schedules and ticket costs and see how inexpensive a ticket to San Jose can actually be. If you know anyone who has traveled to Costa Rica, ask if it is worth your time and money to visit this country. I have not met anyone who has reported a negative experience. Check it out and contact me if you want more information.

I had planned to delay this Post until I received the news/outcome of the upcoming Spelling Bee“Spelling Bee” contest scheduled to start today. But, I decided to not wait since the results can come today, tomorrow, or later. I can assure you there will be a follow-up Post as soon as the news hits my desk.
We are very eager to wish our Learning Center students well as they begin their competition. This could be a very significant achievement if all goes well.  Noelia, Mariana, and Margaritas…“go forth and conquer!”

Jane’s Quote for the Week!

Jane Chlid“This little cutie did not want me to take her picture, so I did the next best thing! She really is precious and I had walked passed her house at least twice a day for almost 60 days! Friday I heard “Hey Jane!” Music to my ears!!!!!” 

While having a conversation recently with a “Friend”, my Friend commented that “Jane really gets it!” I thought a moment about the comment and then responded “yes…she really does get it”. I often read the comments on Jane’s Facebook page written by many of her personal friends. It is obvious Jane has had the love and respect of her friends for a very long time and all this has continued while Jane has been doing her volunteer service in Copey. She has a passion for education, for teaching, and learning. And, this passion is all wrapped up in her great love for kids. Friday when Jane heard the little girl call out to her, Jane knew right then that the little girl “got it”…she got what Jane is all about.

Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.                    Anonymous

“It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday!”

Last week a dear cousin passed away and I wish to call attention to his life and celebrate his “home going”. William “Yimmy” Goble, Jr. passed away on October 16th. He was born

photo (2)
“Yimmy” and Anna

in St. Louis and lived his entire life there. Since his early childhood, he had been physically disabled as a result of an unfortunate car wreck. Even though the physical disability provided a life-time full of physical challenges, his mental abilities allowed for and provided love, joy, meaning, and purpose for him and for all those who knew and loved him.

“Yimmy” was blessed with family and many friends and was especially blessed with his sister Anna who became his primary caretaker throughout his adult life. His family in the Northwest and the many “Friends” from one end of this country to the other end and beyond, we extend to Anna and her sister and brothers our love and condolences.  “Yimmy”…go with love!

Final Words…!

“Friends” I firmly believe we practice faith, hope, and charity in our efforts to make a difference in Copey. We pray…(faith), we are positive thinkers…(hope), and we demonstrate our service with the heart of a servant…(charity)!

“Thank you Friends!”




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