Been Interrupted by Another’s Need?

“From my early school days, I was brought up with the belief that we have a duty to use our talents, to volunteer and to make a contribution.”   By Michael Hintze

By now everyone has had either the full extent of the total eclipse or the partial effects. In my part of the world today it was the partial although I am only a few hours from the now famous Madris, Oregon site where thousands of people gathered for the total eclipse. I can only say it did not have the impact I anticipated. It was daylight and sunny much of the time and it really did not get dark outside…hardly noticeable. Okay…now back to normal life. Spelling Bee

Some really good news to report on the Spelling Bee contest results so far (also called the Language Festival in Costa Rica).  To date, there are two winners who are Copey Learning Center students and one high school winner who is a past student from the Learning Center.  Now, you must pay close attention!

Rodriguez photos
Mariana and Margarita

 Mariana Rodriguez won in two categories; the Spelling Bee Contest and the Impromptu Conversation category.  Her younger sister Margarita

Celeste Mora
Celeste  Ulloa Mora

won the Impromptu Conversation category in her group level.


Then Celeste Ulloa Mora won the Impromptu Conversation category at the high school level.


Now, let’s refresh our memories.  

First, Mariana was our star performer who made it all the way to the National competition in 2016. She lost in the finals but she established herself as a true contender. Well, she is back on track to make another run at the National Championship. This time, she is bringing along her younger sister who is following in “big” sister’s footsteps.

Remember Celeste? She was one of the first two “Pathway Project” students who traveled in June 2016 to the USA. She is an amazing student and could be a very strong contender for a National Spelling Bee Title. Next competition is set for October. Stay alert!

Church Update

Regarding the status of the church, the community is working through the planning for the new church.  As expected, there will be a church built and the community has already begun local fund-raising activities. I am trying to get more specific details on their plans and needs. Thank you for continuing to ask about the status of the church and expressing your regrets for the community’s loss.

Jane’s Latest Quote!

By the way, the title for this week’s Post came about because of a recent epiphany. During this day and time, we all struggle with allowing our needs to be interrupted by a need belonging to someone else. Even those with a “servant’s heart” struggle with being interrupted. This is one of the reasons Jane (and others) is a special volunteer. There are and have been many really great “Friends” and supporters who have invited the interruption and Jane is included. Jane’s notes to me reflect that “servant’s mindset and willingness” to endure the interruption in life caused by a need in another’s life.

For example, Jane wrote this note this week as she prepares to travel to Copey…“I am so excited. One suitcase for clothes and one loaded with books and yarn. The extra is donations and I have so many and more to come.”   

Is there any question why I love this project? “Friends” are just such wonderful people ready to take on the interruption!


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