The Union of the Faithful…!

“The Church is the pillar and the ground of Truth….”    1 Timothy 3:15

We are still feeling the loss of the wonderful church which was the centerpiece for the Copey community. Tomorrow will be one week since the fire destroyed a significant historical and religious symbol of probably all this is good about Copey.

Several “Friends” have expressed their thoughts over the week in response to last Monday’s Post. I wish to share some of these with you.

“Your Friends Say…”

“Expressing in words the sorrow over the loss of Copey church renders me speechless. Then as I gaze at the standing white pillars, I felt overwhelmed with the possibilities that will come of rebuilding. Church beforePrayers for Copey Church and your community are headed your way, from our churches, our communities and our families here in Washington State. We will spread the word around the world. Our love to everyone who is affected.”  Jennifer W. 

“We have learned from our past that we can rebuild and be stronger, wiser, and remain positive as we take on challenges each and every day. Much can be gained from a new beginning, especially when we are surrounded by love. I know the love is there.”  Lisa B.

“I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will have the community in my prayers.” Ed. D.Church after

“My heart and my prayers are with them. I promise to do whatever I can to help them rebuild their temple. But today, I am specially grateful to know that people from so far away from my country, pray for this wonderful people.  Thank you!” Catalina C.

“So sorry to hear of this devastating loss. Prayers for healing and rebuilding, oh but what a tough loss.” Cynthia M.

“I’m so sad to hear about the church. I”m sure in a community that size that the church is probably the center of activity and community events. I”m so sad for everyone. ”  Monica H.

“Arthur, what a tragedy! I will let folks at my church know, please keep us updated on the plans and progress.” John L.

The community is in shock. So very sad!  Anne L.

“And I Say…”

During my very first trip to Copey, I was literally only steps from the front door and the pillars of this church when I met both Seidy and Anne for the first time. The church was fascinating to look at as it seemed to be the biggest building in the community, it appeared to occupy the most land, and seemed to be the center to everything else as if the community and maybe even the world revolved around it. It was the place where newly weds spoke their marriage vows, the place that welcomed newborns, the place where the community celebrated great news and the place where all could feel safe in times of trouble. And, it was the place many said goodbye to loved ones passing on.  It was all this to so many since about 1928.

One of those who commented asked the question what are the pillars made of since they appeared unmoved by the fire and destruction all around them?

Well…I am not sure about the answer to the question. But, maybe it is just symbolic of what Copey really is all about and what the community is made of. Perhaps those pillars represent the heart and soul of the people of that community. I have always said these are some very special people living in Copey and Copey is a special community. We can bet those pillars will not stand alone for long! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.













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  1. We have Copey in our prayers. This is a terrible loss, I am sure, as a church is a home in a special way. Un Iglesias es un hogar! I hope we can collect some donations to help, at least in a small way.
    Ed Davis

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