There Is So Much Wonder in Wonderful!

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”               by Anne Frank   

Friends, I thank each of you who sent notes about the passing of both of my friends, Gail and “Duck”. Last week’s Post was very special to me and I am happy it resonated with several of you.

This week, it is all “wonderful” news to share!

First, a huge shout out to Aunt Katherine. She was on the Oscar stage last night with her three new friends who stared in “Hidden Figures”. She was the brightest star among them all. Her standing ovation was a clear sign of heartfelt love and appreciation for the well US-OSCARS-SHOWknown achievements during her life and for her humble and classy style. One of the most telling comments she has been reported saying is…”I was just doing my job”. Without a doubt, Aunt Katherine would agree with me that the same is true for my other three living aunts I am blessed to still have around. They are all different and huge achievers in their own right. Each one stands very tall and are highly respected among their friends, community, and family. Each one has been such a special influence in my life. I just love each of them and today, I rise with my other aunts in saying to Aunt Katherine…wonderfully well done!

Now, if some of you are just now coming on board and not aware of Aunt Katherine, I suggest katherine-johnson-academy-2you either buy/read the book “Hidden Figures” or check the movie listings. The movie is still showing around my town but soon it will likely be on Pay for View. As I have mentioned to several friends, when you leave the movie after viewing the story, you will depart with a special sense of national pride, hope for our collective future, and more educated on part of our hidden history. And, because of its wholesome presentation, there will be no filth to wash off afterwards.

Oh yes, there is even more “wonderful” news!

Thanks to my quasi brother Charles, my high school friend and much more, we have reached our goal of $2,000.00 for the ED Position. Charles thought I was pointing to him in my previous Posts about not yet receiving promised checks. I am happy he has a sense of humor. He is one of the good guys! So..thanks to Charles and the rest of you who really do something very amazing. I know as well as the next how difficult it is to share some of that hard-earned/well deserved money most of us have retired on and then pass it on to a community you do not know personally and may never visit. I do not take one dime for granted and I believe it is my job to be accountable for every cent of donated money.zzz CLC Students 5Last week, I announced we completed our fund-raising campaign for the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund. Another huge success thanks to so many. Within less than 40 days, we reached our fund-raising goals. Achieving both goals before the end of February has not happened before. So Charles, Eric, Bob, Jim, Lin, Lisa, Stephanie, and so many other donors, I thank you!

Not done yet!…Meet Katie Love!

One of our new volunteers at the Learning Center is an American from Aurora, IL (suburb of Chicago). Katie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Illinois University inkatie-love Spanish Language/Literature with a minor in Latin American Studies.This is her third time traveling to Costa Rica. The two previous times where to study Spanish in San Jose as a student. She also traveled to Granada, Spain for a semester to study Spanish.

She has a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. She has done substitute teaching and in her free time she is all about animals and the environment, runs and hikes outdoors, practices her Spanish and spends time with her family. It is “wonderful” to have you at the Learning Center.

In closing, be certain that it is not my style to tease or inflate “Friends” with news of the great and “wonderful” things being experienced both at the Learning Center and elsewhere you will find “Friends” to be located. There is much going on and soon more information will be shared about the developing plans for a new Learning Center. It is hard to believe but this time now and in the near future, we will have so many “wonderful” reasons to be encouraged and enthusiastic about in many various ways.  This is not the time to leave or lose interest. Stay on the train…its going to some great places.







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  1. My Brother, I was very pleased and excited to see your Aunt Katherine on stage Sunday night.

  2. I was so thrilled to see your Aunt Katherine right there on my television screen, Scrapper. WOW! How deserving she is and a perfect time for her to receive this recognition. Congratulations to you and your family. Also, congratulations to the volunteers and donors who make learning possible for the students and friends of Copey, and a big congratulations to the students who are so dedicated to their studies and to making a difference. We are all so fortunate. Thanks for keeping us on the train, Scrapper!!

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