Every 60 Seconds…Filled!

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”                            by  Denis Waitley

The report from the Learning Center indicates the first week of activity went well and there has been much enthusiasm for learning. We now enter week two and I am sure there is still some settling in that is needed.

We have officially completed the 2017 Ann G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive. This has been an extremely successful campaign. Although I am still running to the mailbox and checking emails constantly for a few delayed and promised donations, we have achieved our goal of getting 15 or more kids enrolled. This is our 4th year… THANK YOU!clc-classroom-2017

Executive Director Salary Support             Goal=$2,000              Actual=$1,850.00

The Executive Director’s Position fundraising  is still active. We are edging closer each week to having this goal met. The amount raised is far ahead of the previous two years at this point. This success will not require any additional local fundraising efforts to complete the goal. If you are inclined to support us on this, your donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

Not So Good News!

First, I wish to publicly share my condolences to the Gail Rutledge family. Gail passed away on January 31st. He was a wonderful “frat” brother and a real stand up person. We were also neighbors on campus during our college days. Both he and his wife Jane were kind and lots of fun to be around. As a working student, I frequently

Gail and son Jay

borrowed their little Chevy Nova car to get to work and back which was a “life-saver”.  I spoke to Gail awhile back and it was easy to tell, not much had changed in our relationship after more than 45 years. Peace be with him and with Jane and her family.

Gail 1968 Fraternity President

A Life Full of Love, Grace, and Gratitude!

This past week also brought news of the passing of Curtis “Duck” Montgomery. If you have  been an avid “Friend” and follower of this Blog, you know about “Duck”. He has been the topic of several of my Posts especially during Veterans Day or Memorial Day. Coincidently, while Gail was a student at Emory & Henry College, “Duck” worked as one of the cooks in our college’s dinning room. In a way, I lost two great folks from my college days. “Duck” as many of his friends called, died at the age of 101

Curtis Montgomery
“Duck” my Favorite Veteran

and from my vantage point, he lived all those 101 years full of love, grace, and gratitude. I know he had ailments but he was mostly self-sufficient and independent. I visited him in April 2016 at his home and the twenty minutes we shared was a special blessing. Since he was around my family when I

Long Live the Legend

was born, was the one who gave me a much-needed job in the campus kitchen that kept me from starving, and a great friend ever since, we always had lots to talk about. He was a Christian extraordinaire! “Duck”…enjoy your new home.

Now…As I was writing this Post, a Skype call came in from my friend, Claudio Pacheco, who resides in San Jose, Costa Rica. He was a tremendous host during my last visit to Costa Rica in 2013. I regard this to be my BLESSING for the day! It was a true joy to see and speak with him via Skype after about three years. Thanks Claudio!


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  1. Wonderful memories of two special friends. I knew “Duck” and he very special to all that knew him. He had lots of stories about me as a child – some good and some not so nice. He will be missed.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Scrapper. I am sorry for your loss. You were fortunate to have them, and they were fortunate to have you in their lives. Best wishes. So wonderful to see the photos of the students. Lovely!

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