A Chance Happens Everyday…!

“When you focus on problems, you have more problems. But when you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities.”  ~ by Zig Ziglar

One unmistakably and wonderful thing about “Friends of Copey” is that everyone has a “chance” each day to make a difference in the life of a young student. This thought rang true to me when I read the very heartwarming letter sent to me from the Learning Center’s Board President and its Board Members. Their letter provided below is in response to our pledge to continue our support to the Learning Center in 2017. Among numerous commitments made, our pledge includes providing another 15 scholarships to families in need and financial support for the salary of the Executive Director’s position. It also includes us initiating efforts to build a new Learning Center. The Copey community is extremely appreciative for the support we provide. Their letter to us clearly expresses this point. letter-from-clc-boardAnne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive           Goal=$1,500.00       Actual=$1,300.00

The AGB Scholarship Fund Drive is speeding towards success. The challenge issued by one donor has proven to be very beneficial. Recall the challenge was for any two donors to increase their donation by $100 over their 2016 donation. My cousin Stephanie T. from Hampton, Virginia along with a dear high school classmate Kay F. from Wytheville, Virginia both  very quickly responded to the challenge. Virginians, thanks for leading the way. Lisa B., we all thank you for your generosity as well! We never had a challenge before and in typical fashion, you led the way.  kindergarten-student

I am still eagerly waiting on several other long-term donors to get on board to help us quickly reach our goals. Notify me of your pledge or make your donation by February 1st. The Learning Center must begin issuing the scholarships before school starts. Thanks Everyone!

Executive Director Salary Support         Goal=$2,000                  Actual=$300.00

Our goal to support the ED position is plugging along like the slow turtle. With our two years of experience, we know this will all work out and we will achieve our goal. I repeat how important this financial support is to the overall success of the Learning Center. All great ventures demand strong and competent leadership. We have solid leadership and our plans for 2017 depends on an experienced captain guiding this ship to success. Donations of any amount are both needed and appreciated.

Other News!

Some have asked about our progress on the new building plans. Remember, we are in stage 1 and this is all about gathering information needed to determine whether we move on to stage 2. Soon, we will have a plan, a design, and a cost estimate. Will keep all “Friends” updated as new developments take  place.Celebration Time

Last week we hit the 10,000 mark for site visits. AMAZING! This is a wonderful way to start the year. We plan to reach the 13,000 plus mark by the end of 2017. You can help by staying connected and visiting the Posts.

Melody Lipford, a student attending Emory & Henry College, is preparing to travel to Costa Rica in May. I will provide more information on Melody next week.booklets                 2016-foc-post-collection

In closing, I received my collection of the 2016 “Friends of Copey” Posts. I am very indebted to my dear friend Bev for taking the time to gather each of the 55 Posts published in 2016 and put each in a binder. These make outstanding source documents especially during presentations to groups.  Bev…THANKS for your hard work and support. 



























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  1. We should continue using the “amazing” word often, and yes it amazes me what a difference we can make in the lives of students. Thanks to all who are contributing in his or her own special way, and thanks to my friends for rising to the challenge. I will contribute another $500.00 if five new donors will pledge $100.00 by February 1st. We can build bridges and knock down barriers on this planet. Now is the time. Lisa B.
    My favorite quote, and one that my second graders quote almost every day, is by Marva Collins-This day has been given to me fresh and clear. I can either use it or throw it away. I promise myself that I shall use this day to its fullest, realizing it can never come back again. I realize this is my life to use or throw away. I am the only person who has the power to decide what I will be. I make myself what I am.

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