“He Had a Dream”

“And this will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning.”                By Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Today, I wish to express my respect for Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.. On this day, we honor his work, vision, courage, and achievements. The meanings behind such comments as “not the color but the content of one’s character” and “let us not wallow in the valley of despair”, expressed by Dr. King during the “I Have A Dream” speech, have often served as a couple of my sources of inspiration and encouragement over the years. I believe Dr. King wanted us to lead the way anywhere we found people in need of help…anywhere!

Even in Copey, “content of character” is important. A quality education helps to build and nourish character. Dr. King understood this as he witnessed and fought against educational inequalities. And, he understood the impacts poor education had on the lives of children and families. “Friends” we are in the “Dream” business as we work to help a small community of parents and children…all with big dreams. When I first visited Copey, I saw and heard the sounds of a community unwilling to wallow in the valley of despair. It was then and right then my dream of “Friends of Copey” was conceived. Nearly five years later, the “Dream” is alive and well.  Thank you all.

USA…Here we come! The Learning Center completed its selection process and has named the two new selected students heading to America in June. Fatima Leiva Chinchilla, a 16-year-old student starting the 11th grade in a few weeks will be preparing to travel to this country.

Ariana Granados Cruz
Fatima Leiva Chinchilla

Fatima will be joined by 15-year-old Ariana Granados Cruz who is currently in the 9th grade. Both successfully competed for the opportunity to travel to the US. More information about both students will be shared as the next few weeks and months pass. Today, we congratulate them for their outstanding scholastic work and their progress learning English.

Also, plans are underway to include Ana Yancey as the chaperone for their journey to the US and we have invited Angela, last year’s chaperone, to return as well. If all goes well, all four travelers will visit our country and spend time on the campus of Emory & Henry College (E&H) in Emory, Virginia.

zzzEmory image 5

In case you are wondering, yes there is an E&H College student selected and preparing to go to the Copey Learning Center in the late Spring.  More information will be provided on this student volunteer in the upcoming Posts. This student will be the E&H College representative following last year’s pioneers, Casey and Xavier.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive            GOAL=$1,500.00              ACTUAL=$800.00

After the first week, I have pledges totaling over 50% of our 2017 Goal. Obviously, the response has been exceptional after one week. All donations are needed (in any amount) and essential to the ongoing success of the Learning Center.

   Anne G. Broady

I appreciate the early donations and hope most of you previous donors will continue to support this scholarship fund. First time donors are also invited to support this fund.

For your information, one very special donor has issued a donation CHALLENGE. She writes: “I donated $200.00 last year, $100.00 previous years. I will be donating $300.00 this year but would donate $500.00 if we get two friends to up their donation by $100.00.” I extend the challenge to all “Friends” and will report any positive responses I receive. Hopefully, we can cash in on her $500.00 offer.

Students such as Noelia, Celeste, and Mariana have benefited from your past support. These three students (all prior recipients of scholarship support) provide excellent examples of how lives are being impacted. Most probable, neither Noelia or Celeste would have visited America last June and Mariana would not have been so successful with the Spelling Bee Contest. There are many others needing help.

Executive Director Salary Support                   GOAL=$2,000                  ACTUAL=$100

We have made some progress with this fund-raiser and typically it moves along slower than the scholarship fund drive. All “Friends” are encouraged to consider this fund just as important to the Scholarship Fund. The students we support MUST have a quality educational experience which only strong leadership at the Learning Center can ensure and provide each day.

Instructions for making donations are provided in last week’s Posthttps://friendsofcopey.com/2017/01/09/being-the-giver-is-being-the-receiver/

How About That Movie?

If you have not yet seen the movie “Hidden Figures”, get moving! I have seen the movie twice and have read the book. The movie is a box office hit and well worth your time to go see. A few have asked just how Ihidden-figures am related to the main character, Katherine Johnson? Aunt Katherine first married my mother’s brother, James Goble. Uncle James died in 1956 from an inoperable brain tumor while in his mid 40’s. Aunt Katherine later married James Johnson. Both Aunt Katherine at age 98 and husband James live in eastern Virginia and have been married 58 years. Congrats Aunt Katherine…you (including Dorothy and Mary) deserve this and much more!






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  1. Scrapper, thanks for this wonderful blog. You brighten my week every time. This one is especially brightening my week, since the Reverend King was such a great American hero. AND we just went to see Hidden Figures, about your aunt and the amazing work she and other African-American women did to make the Mercury space program a success – in spite of tremendous barriers. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

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