Just Feeling Blessed…!

“Though it’s hard to let you go,  In the Father’s hands we know
That a lifetime’s not too long,  To live as friends.”  by Michael W. Smith

We have been talking a lot lately about what is coming up in May and June but we should not lose sight of the exciting things going on now at the Learning Center.  As a matter of fact, there is always something of interest going on at the Learning Center.

Are you familiar with the book titled “Holes” written by Louis Sachar? The novel is a fun and enjoyable story that has been attracting both student age and the young at heart for almost 20 years. Holes.1

“Holes” has become a popular piece of literature at the Learning Center. Several of the students are busy reading and discussing the book with each other… in English. According to Angela, this is an extremely effective method to teach non-English speaking students the art of reading and speaking English. Holes.4 Seems like another progressive approach to meeting the mission of getting Learning Center students proficient in English.

Also this week, our Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund donors are starting to receive their notification of their scholarship recipients. The notification includes the photo of the AGB Scholarship picscholarship recipient such as presented here and a separate document detailing the overall progress the Learning Center is making this year.

Angela wrote in her report to the AGB Scholarship Fund donors; “There are not enough words to thank you for all of the lives you have touched through your generosity. We are only two months into this school year, but we are already seeing great progress, so we will continue to work hard to enrich the lives of our students and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.” 

Note to Angela: The lives of the”Friends of Copey” are also touched by these amazing  experiences. We really value the honest and straightforward relationship with the Copey community as we share in a common goal.

Other News

By the end of this week, we will wrap up our effort to raise the funds needed to fly Celeste, Noelia, and Angela to the USA in June. Unofficially, the reports indicate we are in excellent shape to reach our goal. I had no doubt most of the E&H College grads I would call on would appreciate the work being done at the Learning Center and would want to be included in this most significant event. Until the official report is in, please accept my deepest expression of gratitude.

In closing, I am remembering one of my four remaining aunts who passed away yesterday.

Elizabeth (Aunt Sissy) Goble resided in Virginia and went to her “final home”  after spending more than 90 years with us. Aunt Sissy was more than “really special”. We lived only a couple of houses apart while I was growing up and she provided the best zzzAunt Sissy

getaway or hideout any kid could ever want. Her home felt like a sacred place I could go to feel important and safe. As a small boy running around the neighborhood, I could always sneak into her home while no one was there and treat myself to my favorite candy she always left out for me (I learned that later). Even at Christmas time, she would replace the candy with my favorite hazel nuts she knew I loved to eat. I can even see myself picking through the nut bowl to get them. Even now, I still eat hazel nuts. Oh, the many memories we shared.

As a teenager, she would patiently and tirelessly listen to all my deep adolescent secrets and wild stories I would not ever share with anyone else. Then, she would provide me her wise counsel and loving guidance that probably served to keep me out of serious trouble.

As I grew into manhood, I thought she often knew more about me than my own parents and certainly knew more about life than my street corner buddies. She could be trusted with any secrets I shared with her…a true confidant.

Her living room was like a classy showroom filled with interesting things no one else had…pictures and photographs, little gadgets, fancy chairs and pillows, the works. She really knew how to decorate. Except for the candy dish or the nut bowl, I would not dare touch a thing in that living room although she would never really mind. We hung out in the TV room.

There were none more stylish in dress than Aunt Sissy. She knew things and could easily fit in with the rich and famous or live in the Hamptons. None was more sophisticated in demeanor or appearance, none more understanding in times of trouble, and none more loving when you really needed to feel loved. With all of this going for her, she was just an everyday woman…but still more than “really special”. 

She is gone now but I feel like I had already been missing her. I feel like she went somewhere else a few years ago. Someplace I could not go. Uncle Skeets, her “best buddy” and husband of 67 years, passed away in 2010. Losing her “best buddy” changed things. Her failing health did not afford me the opportunity to sit and visit as we did so many times in the past.

Pardon me for a while, I need to go buy some hazel nuts. “Rest in Peace!”






3 thoughts on “Just Feeling Blessed…!”

  1. I remember the beautiful lady at Anne’s service. You have my sincere condolences in suffering her loss, AK.



  2. What a tremendous tribute to your aunt. Your description of your relationship with her was so vivid, I almost felt I was there. Scrap, I offer you my condolences and I know that she will have a hazelnut or two waiting on you when you all meet again. In the meantime,you have so many precious memories to cherish. God Bless you, my friend!!

  3. Cousin, I love your writing, your insight, and the depth of feeling you so readily, easily, and openly convey. Thank you for sharing your memories, experiences, and insight of a woman we all admired and loved. Til we all meet again…

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