“Teach the Children Well…!

“I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!”   — David Vitter, U.S. Senator

WOW!  We just finished the first quarter of 2016 ending in March and I checked on our “Friends of Copey” goals to see how we are progressing.

Check the link: https://friendsofcopey.com/2016/01/04/a-friend-in-2016/.

We are doing great and on track to meet and to exceed all of the things we set as goals. This means we are off to a fantastic start. Thanks to all!

A summary of our progress indicates the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive was successful providing as many as 15 scholarships for Learning Center students in 2016.

Angela Letter 1

We have raised 75% of the funds for the Executive Director’s position. Fund-raising is on hold until May after we complete the more urgent fund-raising efforts for the airfare for our travelers heading to Emory & Henry College in June.

Early reports on the Copey students’ airfare fund-raising effort indicate over 50% of our goal has been achieved after the first week. My dear and devoted E&H College friends, classmates, and associates are rising to this special occasion.

During May and June, we will experience a very extraordinary and historical arrangement with students going to Copey to teach and then return to campus with two Copey students. We are certain at least four students will have an experience of a life time and I suspect many others will too…including me.

We have also made significant progress with our local Kiwanis Club’s support which Jefferson Elementary Pen Pal

includes receiving the “green light” to establish a “K-Kids” organization at the Learning Center.

Discussions are underway with potentially additional Pen Pal locations. Our “Friends” base of support is growing and we are ahead of our Blog’s site visits compared to last year at this time.

Therefore, after a full three months, we have done very well and expect to take our performance level up a notch in the second three months.

Other News

On the E&H College campus, Casey and Xavier will be one of the headliners in this week’s First Project Ampersand Day celebration.  What is Project Ampersand?  The college has officially and formally established an avenue for students to explore and connect, and design and test solutions to problems they as students may feel very passionate about. Under “Project Ampersand” students are empowered to work on projects affecting our community and the world at large. zzz Casey and Xavier

Casey and Xavier will be presenting information regarding their volunteer plans with the Copey Learning Center, where they will be teaching classes to English as a Second Language students on topics they are passionate about. Presentations will be heard by other students, faculty, and the public. As a result, a whole new audience will hear for the first time about “Friends of Copey” and the work we are supporting. Before Casey and Xavier even leave the campus, their involvement is proving to be a very positive opportunity to develop awareness. You two really “ROCK”!

Understanding Foreign Cultures

Education Exchange at the Copey Learning Center, Costa Rica: A Work in Progress
Casey Heinlein & Xavier Marshall; Advisors: Dr. Alma P. Ramirez-Trujillo, Dr. Celeste Gaia & Michael Gess

We are all very pleased and proud of both Casey and Xavier.

You can let them know you support their plans and willingness to share their time and talents for others. They are now “Friends” of our Blog.







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  1. Exciting news to see how things are progressing with funds coming in and more awareness about CLC’s accomplishments.

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