“The Real Messengers…!

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
  — John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

Home At Last!  And I am 100% recovered from this recent cold and discomfort. Being back home is making a big difference even though I enjoyed my travels. Excluding the illness, it was a great experience and my most recent Posts explains why.

Turning our focus some on the daily activities at the Learning Center, we continue to see the joy of learning showing on thezzz CLC student rabbit faces of our Learning Center students. I remind you that topics such as conservation, recycling, exploration of nature, among other important areas of learning are used to help facilitate the education of English speaking, writing, and reading. I remember learning my “R’s” much the same way over half a century ago.  zzz CLC Students 5

The Learning Center’s high school students will be doing their community service work for graduation by planning workshops/lessons for the primary school students to promote creativity, teamwork, and care for the environment.zzzCLC students 3

Recently, the Learning Center held an Open House which was reported to be a huge hit. The parents saw their children’s work, learned about the process followed for creating unit and lesson plans, and connected with the volunteer teachers, Marguerite

zzz CLC Parents.

and Markki. The parents completed a Learning Center survey and had very nice things to say about the progress of the center and the educational development of their children.


Other News!

I thought I would share a few of the reactions submitted when Angela posted on the Learning Center’s Facebook page a couple of months ago news about our two students heading to Virginia in June.

Angela posted:

Today I had the privilege of informing two of our Copey Learning Center students (Celeste and Noelia) that they have won scholarships to study abroad in the US next summer. We’re all so excited about this opportunity! (Also, what a fun blessing it is to be the bearer of good news!)  It’s two weeks in Virginia, one at a youth leadership program at Emory & Henry College, and one with local host families, thanks to an alum who has taken a special interest in our project.  Note: click on the Copey Learning Center above for access to the website for the Learning Center.

Celeste Emory Copey student               Noelia Emory Student Copey

FB Friends’ Responses:

That’s so exciting for them! Massive congrats!

Oh my gosh this is so great! I am so excited for them.

Good to a great opportunity for the girls…. I wish everything will be perfect… Successes and that is good for the students of CLC, maybe others also have the chance at another time.

You are amazing for setting this up! Congratulations to you and them! 

Angie..Congrats to the two !     

You Rock!                                                                             

SO amazing!!! WOOT!

Air Travel Fund-Raiser Initiated

This week we started the effort to raise funds for the airfare for the two students and Angela. We are optimistic that E&H College graduates and other college affiliated members we have contacted will cover the majority (or all) of the air travel expenses. “Friends”keep your prayers coming as we move into this very critical time. However, I am not worried about us coming through. I am trusting those who have been invited to support this fund-raiser will appreciate the time and effort put into developing this pathway and opportunity and will recognize the significance. This will certainly impact the futures of Celeste and Noelia along with the many other students in the Copey community who are closely watching this event take place.

If you are not affiliated with E&H College and wish to provide some support, send me an email at atbroady@aol.com and I will provide the instructions for donating. “Friends” thank you for helping us get this far…much further than we could have imagined.






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  1. Great news to read, as always. Glad you are feeling better Arthur and that your travels were safe and fun. Best wishes. Lisa

  2. What great news you shared! Congratulations to the two girls! How exciting for them!
    I looked at all the pictures, the kids looked so happy as they are learning. Love the color in the center, lime is a happy color.

    1. Great to see your comment! And great to have you as a “Friend of Copey”. I can assure you the news will just keep getting more exciting as the next few months roll around.

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