Spending Gratitude Time…!

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
Maya Angelou

It grows more challenging each week to list all of the many wonderful things going on under the banner of “Friends of Copey” and the Learning Center. Here are only some of the highlights:

First, Casey and Xavier gave their Copey presentation to an audience of zzzAmpersand Presentationstudents, faculty, and the public last week during the First Annual Ampersand Day at Emory & Henry College. A number of the college’s students provided presentations about work they have begun under Project Ampersand which encourages students to connect what they care about to what they are learning—to design and implement projects that contribute positive results to our world. The Copey presentation was well received and soon Casey’s and Xavier’s bags will be packed. Their scheduled departure date is just next week…May 9th. They have received information on their host families where they will be staying. All “Friends” are invited to keep track of Casey’s and Xavier’s experiences and accomplishments during their 5 week stay in Copey. Casey has started a journal that is already fascinating to read. Check it out at http://caseyincopey.weebly.com/    final.2

Next, Celeste and Noelia (pictured right) are looking forward to their departure to America in early June. They are busy polishing up on their English, while also practicing and rehearsing some special surprises for their audiences when they arrive at E&H College. Angela is finalizing some of her plans to speak to classes as a “guest” professor. This is going to be a dynamite team of Copey, Costa Rican ambassadors.

“Mission Accomplished”

Even though we may still have a couple donations slow to arrive, we are in position to declare “mission accomplished” on our efforts to raise the money needed to cover the transportation costs for Celeste, Noelia, and Angela. I will have plenty more to say in the near future about the outstanding response and demonstration of generosity and support received from the “special selected” group of E&H College affiliated friends of mine. I have personally received several wonderful notes and verbal expressions from several donors. Even a few have thanked me for inviting them to be a part of this historical event.

Soon, all of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund recipient letters will be mailed out to all of the AGB donors. I am still receiving donations for the scholarship fund even Holes.1

though we are almost three months into the school year. “Just Amazing!”  The additional funds to support scholarships are always welcomed.

If you donated funds to help support the Executive Director’s position, do not feel left out. We have a special “thank you” in the works just for you.  Sometimes, we have to give Angela a break. “Friends of Copey” puts a lot of demands on her at times and we often forget she is still trying to run a school and achieve successful outcomes.

Remember “Holes” from last week’s Post? A few have written to inform me they have also read the book and have even seen the movie that followed staring Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver, and Henry Winkler to mention only a few of the cast.

The Learning Center received visitors from the Lowell School located in Washington, DC. Lowell School is an independent, co-educational Pre-Primary through 8th Grade school.Lowell VisitorsThis is their second visit to the Learning Center. Last year they were in the Copey area on a volunteer project for creating little stoves to donate to indigenous communities. They came by for some cultural exchange. They indicated their interest in helping the Learning Center obtain a new projector.

“Just Feeling Blessed” Post received a lot of attention last week. Thank you! I realize many of my Blog followers wonder if there are really any “Friends” connected to this Copey project. There are plenty and always enough to get done whatever we set out to do. Sometimes I end my day totally amazed and “just feeling blessed”. Who could not feel blessed when you see before you significant events shaping up that will literally impact lives. Those of you who support scholarships, support the ED position, and now the transportation costs along with those who pray and wish all goes well all have a stake in the outcome. Has been awhile since I have mentioned this but our motto still rings true. “When many will do just a little..a lot will get done for kids.”

zzzBanner of FOCFinally, thank you for the several notes of condolences. Aunt Sissy’s memorial service was held on Saturday and unfortunately, my sister and I could not make the trip back to Virginia. We sent our condolences. So, we must keep moving on and on we go!  In case you are wondering…I have had plenty of hazel nuts this past week.







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  1. Owen just finished Holes last week and we worked on a book report for it over the weekend.

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