Merry Christmas…extended!

Last week we all were focused on Christmas, the season’s reason relating to the Birth of Christ, exchanging gifts with loved ones, and sharing valuable time with family and friends. This week we are shifting our focus to New Year’s and trying

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to keep the spirit of Christmas with us. I am still saying Merry Christmas to those I meet and see in the stores and about. I get strange looks since many have already seemed to have moved on to other things. But why does Christmas have to come to an abrupt halt after the presents are opened and dinner has been served? We refer to this as the Christmas Season or Holiday Season do we not? Can we continue wishing others joy, peace, and love beyond Christmas Day? I think I will keep saying Merry Christmas another week or so and see what happens. I contend that if we really embrace the reason for the season, wishing others joy, peace, and love past the sounds and sights of Christmas is okay. I contend that if we extended our Christmas wishes throughout the year, we would have a different world to live in.  So Merry Christmas to all…again! 


The year 2016 has so much promise for the “Friends of Copey”.  If I could make one New Year’s wish come true it would be that each of you would fully experience the joy that comes with being a “Friend” to the small Copey community. The Copey community believes in us and recognizes our efforts. When we inspire and encourage one child to

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reach his/her full potential, others are deeply affected. The child’s Mom and Dad are inspired and become full of hope, the child’s sibling(s) have a role model to follow, and the community changes for the better. The child succeeds!

Next month we will begin a third year of support and will call on all “Friends” old and new to first do two things. First, look at our two year history of support including the past couple Posts accounting for our achievements in 2015. You will see how far we have come with prayers, positive expectations, and donations. The number of students being helped has grown and our overall support of the Learning Center has continued to expand and grow.

Then, look at what we plan to do in 2016. We want to give more children 20151105_092520     the opportunity to attend the Learning Center. We want the Learning Center’s Director to remain on board to continue producing quality results. We want to see students from Copey establish friendships via Pen Pals and other student interactions. And, we want to help Angela and two Copey students get to the Emory & Henry College campus next June. These and other plans and initiatives await us.

At the end of 2016 when we as “Friends” account for our efforts, I am convinced our record will match and exceed 2015 accomplishments. But this will take all the “Friends” who believe in prayer to pray for our success. It will take all the “Friends” to be on board who understand and embrace the power of positive thinking. And, all those “Friends” who can provide financial support to help pull this all together will be needed as well. All three of these types of “Friends” will help us demonstrate our value as devoted and dedicated partners to the Copey community. Our motto has consistently been…  “When many will do just a little…A lot will get done for Kids!”.

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  1. Happy New Year to all, and let’s continue our spirit and good will even more in 2016. Best to you, Scrapper.

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