A “Friend” In 2016!!!

We can do this!

Yes, 2016 is going to be more challenging than both the 2014 and 2015 years of support. However, I am convinced we can set sail and get to our destination. We only need to be clear on what we want to accomplish and work together to get the job done. Here are our new goals.


  1. Continue Pen Pal Programs with K-Kids in Washington state and music students in Virginia.
  2. Establish two new Pen Pal Programs…Anywhere, USA.
  3. Strengthen the “Friends of Copey” connection with Kiwanis Clubs locally and throughout the country.
  4. Find ways to more economically deliver children’s books and school supplies to the Learning Center from the US.
  5. Increase our annual Blog site visits to 3,520 (10%) at the end of 2016 up from 3,200 at the end of 2015.                                         Friends Chart


  1. Provide financial support for a minimum of 15 students under the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund.  Estimated $1,500 Goal
  2. Provide financial support to the Learning Center’s funding commitment to continue the Executive Director’s position.       $2,000 Goal
  3. Provide financial support to cover airline expenses to and from Emory & Henry College, Virginia for two Copey students and the Learning Center’s Executive Director.  Estimated $3,600 Goal

Next week’s Post will be the “official kickoff” of our 2016 fund raising

AGB Scholarships.1campaigns for both the AGB Scholarship Fund Program and the zzztree planting.1

campaign to raise funds to support the annual salary commitment for the Executive Director just as we did last year. The official announcement will include directions on how to make a contribution if you wish to be a financial supporter.

Information on the support we plan to provide to assist two students and the Executive Director will be provided at a later date.

I look forward to us all continuing to be a significant and meaningful part of the success we are experiencing in Copey. After two years now, we have some solid “Friends” in place including Lisa B. and Susie O. who are

Jefferson Elementary Pen Pal

committed public school teachers already deeply involved and devoted to bringing young students together to learn from one another. The Kiwanis organization, a major international service club, is on board as very zzzKiwanis

important partners. Emory & Henry College, one of our country’s leading small colleges, is partnering with “Friends” and showing exceptional leadership in developing educational pathways to learning. The list goes on and all the “Friends” can share in the efforts and successes expected for students in both Copey and here in the US in 2016.

                                 “Friends of Copey” in 2016…It’s a beautiful thing!
































9 thoughts on “A “Friend” In 2016!!!”

  1. Hello to all. My Sugar Grove students and I have returned from our Christmas holiday break. The third graders at Sugar Grove Elementary School have spent the past 30 minutes reading and looking at all of the beautiful photographs. Thanks for this wonderful sight/site!!! Gracie commented that she likes the painting on the school building. “It looks so cool.” Noah says that he likes all of the many projects. Levi wanted to write that some of our students thought the volcano was an Indian dwelling, but we soon learned that it was a volcano. Matthew loves the school, and many of the students here at Sugar Grove want to go to school there in Copey. We learned the Christmas song Feliz Navidad before our break, and we all wish we could speak Spanish. As we read the goals for 2016, our hope is to send books and supplies to Copey Learning Center. Ms. B. says she wants to visit so that she can take the books and supplies and sing songs with the students. Thank you for being our friends. Emily says she loves looking at your land there and hopes to visit one day. Many of the students were surprised that you like Minecraft too. We LOVE Minecraft. Dakota wanted to say that he really likes Jeff Gordan and #24. Lexie is trying to learn Spanish and wishes she could write to a pen pal in Spanish.Frost says the photographs look as if you work really hard at your studies. Thank you for the letter and for letting us know all of the subjects you study.
    We wish you all the best in 2016. Thank you Mr. Broady for all you do and all the supporters of Friends of Copey.

    1. You students in Sugar Grove are so very special. It is an honor to have each of you share in this great project. I promise, the students in Copey will receive your letter and get a response back to you. They do not return to school until mid February but do not worry. They will know of your interest and support for them. You guys “rock”! Mr. B.

  2. Hello i would like to say the learning center is beautiful place! If there is anything i can do to help let me know. I will try to donate i am only 9!!! But i love doing this type of stuff. The photographs make me want to live over there! Sadly i can’t. But if there is ANYTHING at all you need let me know!

      1. Dear Lexie:
        I am so happy to hear from you. I am so surprised and you are the very first 9 year old to officially sign up as a “follower” and Friend of Copey. This makes you very special and I am proud and honored to have you supporting us. You are proof that you can never be too young to care and never too young to help. I “love” doing this type of stuff too. Please stay in touch and I will do the same.

      2. Okay if there is a way to send books or anything i will! I just LOVE this stuff and even though i’m 9 i care more the any 9 to 11 year old. And by the way when i was just going down the page i saw the projects i love them! They did a great job! And i will stay in touch when i can!!!!

  3. Hello! My name is Lexie. The lexie up there that lexie is me! ya know the one lisa baldwin posted. I am learning Spanish,Italian and swedish. One day if i ever could i would like to visit costa rico. If you need ANYTHING let me know like books or anything i will try to help it’s kinda hard because i’m only 9! But i love to help so let me know if you need anything!!!

    1. Dear Lexie
      Thank you again for the note just received. I am convinced you care a lot. We are looking for cheaper ways to send books and other supplies to the Learning Center. The regular mail is extremely costly. Have faith…we will find a better way and I will let you know. Sending letters can be done using the computer just as we are doing. We have to wait until school reopens in February. In the meantime, do well in school and stay in touch. Arthur

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