Pa rum pum pum pum!

Come they told me, Pa rum pum pum pum!
A new-born King to see, Pa rum pum pum pum!

For many of us, Christmas in the summer season seems a bit strange. December, winter, Christmas and all just seems normal to most of us. In Copey it is also December and Christmas time. However, the season is summer and not winter. I have not experienced Christmas in the summer and it would be unlikely that the same stories about Santa Clause, snow on

Christmas Joy 3

rooftops, sleigh bells, winter wonderland and the rest would all feel the same under summer conditions. According to the weather report, the summer temperature in San Jose today is 75 degrees and probably a little cooler in Copey.  Yes, I realize we have some places with similar temperatures in the US, but we still call it winter and not summer. I say, Let it Snow! The reason for the season is the same reason all year around…so “Don’t miss the joy!”

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

The Anne G. Broady Scholarship donors are now receiving reports from Angela with a final update on the student(s)

Dr. Lin Church: AGB Co-Chair
Dr. Lin Church: AGB Co-Chair

supported by the AGB Fund in 2015. Angela, the community, and I are all very appreciative and grateful for this support. I wish there was an easy way to measure the positive impact these scholarships have on the students, the families, the community, and the Learning Center. Just believe it is significant! 

Dr. Church, deserves a great deal of credit/accolades for his willingness to co-chair the AGB Scholarship Fund and I thank him personally for all the support and encouragement he provides.  Thanks Lin!


While looking at a Post I wrote in December 2014, I found comments I made indicating what we planned to achieve in 2015. It is a very gratifying experience to read something written 12 months ago and see it come true. Last December I wrote… “We will initiate our 2nd Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive“.  WE DID IT!  Then it was written that…“There is one and possibly two developing opportunities to set up a pathway for [graduating] students in Copey to visit a US college”. WE DID IT!  And I wrote that… “we plan to assist the Learning Center in raising some of the funds needed to hire a staff member to head up the Learning Center in 2015.  WE DID IT!  The prior two Posts this month have already reported these and other achievements documented in 2015. However, it does still feel great to know we do what we say. Over the next couple of weeks, I will share our updated plans for 2016 and will invite each of you to continue on this journey.

More Comments I received:

Outstanding accomplishments, Blessings enumerable.  Christine C.

What wonderful work is happening at Copey. Love the idea of having a student come up for a US school experience.  Cynthia M.

Amazing work! You are an inspiration to us all. May GOD continue to bless you.  Paulina V.

You can count on my positive thoughts and most of all my prayers. I truly believe in your venture and we both know “All things are possible, when God is in the mix”.  Charles J.

I really enjoy hearing from you and happy to share your thoughts with all who follow this Blog. Now, there are times I see a trend in some of the comments I get. Let’s be clear…if you are a “Friend”, you are part of any success we enjoy…not a spectator. If you read this Blog and do nothing else, you are a “Friend of Copey”. Period!

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