It’s May Day….!

“Everybody wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be the first.”                   by Pearl Bailey

Happy May Day!  We are already into the new month and into my favorite time of the year. In fact, this past weekend was a totally different and welcomed change from the previous four or five weekends.

IMG_5004I went fishing and it could not have been any better than it was. I seldom thought of Blogs, Posts, fundraising projects, and the sort. It was just a great time to spend with loved ones on a beautiful lake and catching a few fish.

The community of Copey has said goodbye to both Eve and her husband Joseph who both spent nearly two years in the Copey community. Joseph taught at the local high school and of course Eve took over the lead duties at the Learning Center. Joseph and Eve

A surprise going away party was provided to them and the community showed its appreciation for their service.  Hopefully, all of us “Friends” will always remember Eve’s work with the young girls teaching them ballet. Especially, she will be remembered for her hard work that resulted in several of the girls getting to perform in The Nutcracker last December. I will miss Eve and I wish her well in her new adventure. I hope our paths cross again someday!

The Nutcracker PerformersIt is now Angela’s turn to head up the Learning Center and help ensure its future. I look forward to working with her each week to support her and the Copey community’s efforts to have a first class center of education. Over the short time I have been working with Angela, I have been very impressed with her enthusiasm, dedication, and devotion to the Learning Center. Of course, she is also putting up with me as well as Eve did so I think we have some great days, weeks, and hopefully years ahead of us.

Real Kiwanis PicNow, I am ramping up for the big Kiwanis fundraiser being held this weekend…the Inland Empire Century Bike Ride.  I will probably be ready for another fishing adventure this time next week. Seriously, after the Bike Ride, I will welcome the opportunity to spend more time following up on several important initiatives under development for the Learning Center. I have learned during the past month or more that it takes a lot of time and energy to do several important things well all at the same time. I fear that some time and a few opportunities have been lost with “Friends of Copey” but soon I will be focused like a laser on some of the key initiatives.

Next week is Mother’s Day Weekend and I plan to issue a special Mother’s Day Post. I hope you will find time to show your love to a Mom next Sunday.


Jeff Gordon is becoming a slight drain on my mental state. He is a great driver and I am convinced his win will come soon. I am just not sure what my state of mind will be when it happens. But that’s NASCAR! Jeff Gordon

These guys go out there week after week to give it their all. Unlike many or most sports, for three plus hours these drivers are under the watchful eye of many thousands of people/fans and let’s not forget owners and sponsors scrutinizing each minute of their performance. Even when they come to the pit area for gas or tires, one mistake can cost them the race. Gordon lead 40 plus laps out of about 180 during the day. Near the end, he drove into the pit area a couple of miles per hour too fast and was penalized. This one infraction basically ended his chances for a win. Whenever a baseball, football, or even basketball player leaves the court or the field, 99.999% of the time a player will not cause a team penalty that would cost the team the game.  C’mon Jeff…we need a win!



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    1. Thanks for the comment. The time on the Lake was badly needed and I was blessed to have great weather, great scenery, great friends and food. I live a Blessed life! Catching the fish was a BIG PLUS!

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