Train up a child in the way he/she should go;  even when he/she is old he/she will not depart from it.”   Proverbs 22:6

Happy Mother’s Day to all my “Friends of Copey” mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and the rest. I am going to start out this Post by saying, this day should be among the top three most special days we have to celebrate annually. Especially, for those of us who have or had the wonderful experience of a motherly type woman who in the role of a mother, loved and nurtured us. Since I happen to know many of the mothers who are devoted “Friends of Copey”, I am truly honored and deeply appreciative to have you be involved in this effort. You can possibly more easily relate to the hearts of the mothers in Copey whose children we support. As mothers, you have also wanted your children to grow up and experience a safe, meaningful, and purposeful life. I “wish” I could hug each of you for a moment. It would feel like hugging my own mom again.

Well, speaking of Mom…imagine me doing that! Yes, this is our second Mother’s Day my sister and I are spending without her. Today, most likely we would have been in church with Mom, shared a big fancy meal and Mother’s Day cards, gifts, hugs, and kisses.  We miss this!


I think last year my thoughts were mostly wishing she was still here. My thoughts this Mother’s Day are mostly just being grateful for her having been here. The memories capable of surviving the passing of time, those which I most often think of and share with others, and those memories which tend to define Mom as a person are those memories that provide both strength and comfort to me.These are the memories that keep her close to me as my Mom. As such, less time is spent wishing she was here and more time spent being thankful for the time we had. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! (Mom, by the way…did you see Dale Jr. win the race last week? Hey! Why are you smiling?)

There were two mothers of “Friends of Copey” who passed away since last Mother’s Day. These “Friends” are very devoted supporters and one “Friend” I have known about 55 years and the other “Friend” for over 30 years. Calvin ( a distant relative) experienced his mother’s passing away on August 6, 2014.

Lucille Broady Lee
Lucille Broady Lee

Lucille Broady Lee’s life was rich and full and on this Mother’s Day, I am sure she is truly missed by her family and close friends. Calvin wrote the following poem in honor of her passing and we are happy to share this with you “Friends”:


“Moms like you, so hard to find, many qualities beyond compare,
A smile that lit a room so bright, thought provoking words to always share.

You continuously showed a concern for others, no matter how you would feel,
Making their well being a priority, uplifting them, a Mom’s love so genuine and real.

You enriched the lives of others all around, the true meaning of mom, you would always show,
Maintained the home, filled it with needed love, that only mom would know.

Today, we play tribute to you, a celebration that is solely yours.
We remember a mom and dear friend, one that any loving family forever adores.”

Joanne’s mother, Marlyn G. Dunn passed away March 23, 2015. I attended Ms. Dunn’s “Celebration of Life” service and was personally moved by the numerous stories and memories shared by both friends and family.

Marlyn G. Dunn
Marlyn G. Dunn

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Dunn once. She was very warm and friendly and I enjoyed my brief time with her. While listening to the very rich and at times very emotional reflections being shared during her service, I thought how fortunate we are to have really known our mothers. There are those who do not or have not known their mothers. It was a blessing that even near the end, there was such a close and abiding love with our mothers that will prove lasting long after they are gone. I recognized from the comments the influence and character Ms. Dunn passed on to her family including Joanne. I concluded that Joanne, Calvin, and I each had mothers who were truly loved and admired by others for their internal beauty, unselfishness, devotion to the betterment of others, as each Mom went through life just being themselves. Joanne’s comments expressed during the service included:

“One very special recollection I have…that is also quite personal but describes my Mom’s state of mind and priorities at the time about three weeks ago (before Ms. Dunn’s passing) when the doctor in Spokane asked her what her concerns were and she quickly answered…just my family.  Joanne went on to say “I have great respect for her and find that she had many great qualities. She was a loving wife and mother…and an excellent grandmother to our two children. She had an unwavering faith in God that I respected and I believe that she lived her life and treated people in accordance with that faith. ”

Joanne’s final comment was “I hope I have some of the great qualities my Mom had. I love her and will miss her a lot!”  Joanne, I am sure you do have her great qualities…!

I have concluded that Joanne, Calvin, and I each had mothers who were truly loved and admired by others for their internal beauty, unselfishness, devotion to the betterment of others, as each Mom went through life just being themselves. I trust all three moms are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

I really like to think each day is “Mother’s Day” because everyday those working hard at being mothers never take a day off from being a mom. Because of this fact, we should continuously recognize, celebrate, honor, and love mothers all year around. So to all mothers including my five wonderful aunts and those very special mothers in Copey….Happy Mother’s Day! 

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