Big Enough Faith….!

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
by Thomas Aquinas

The month of April is drawing to a close and as I look back at the month, I realize there has been much to talk about and be thankful for. I recall how eager I was to see April begin. I wanted to get into action with the “Big Parking Lot Sale”.  At the first of the month I was already interacting with local “Friends” and getting commitments for donations. Promises to donate started coming in…Thank God. Similar to the old train engine pulling from the station…slow and  determined. Then, it is moving faster and finally going almost too fast to stop.

“Friends” is not your typical organization or business. To try to gather enough local “Friends” who do not normally interact or gather as “Friends” and perhaps do not even know one another as “Friends” for fundraising purposes is certainly a risky proposition. To build a fundraiser under these conditions do not typically offer a lot of hope for success. This is when faith takes over…! You go do what you have to do and let the rest take care of itself.

There are really two BIG stories behind the “Big Parking Lot Sale” venture. Of course, the first big story is that ”Friends” successfully raised the funds that “Friends” needed for the Learning Center. However, the other Big story is the way “Friends of Copey” defies gravity it seems at times. At times, we succeed at goals that many would think impossible. It was being very optimistic to think strangers would donate personal items to support a cause that is located in a small rural town in another country that none has seen.

The Banner says it all!
The Banner says it all!

Over 14 different families and friends thought the cause was worthwhile. Many supporters helping out on the Sales Day agreed. And I trust many of you not here and available to help out physically, helped in other ways. I have been living with the “Friends of Copey” project for about three years and I trust my senses and I trust many of you who consider yourselves to be “Friends of Copey”. When I declare that prayers are important and that positive thinkers help keep negative thinking out of our way, please believe and trust me. Again, thanks to you all.

I mentioned briefly last week or before that the Learning Center had started a satellite operation in a nearby town, La Cima. This is great news for several reasons. First the Learning Center is regarded as a worthy and reputable leader in the after school education business. zzzsattelite classroomIt is becoming the educational model other communities are now recognizing can make a positive difference in their children’s lives. Another reason to be proud is that the children’s success at the Learning Center is providing the students opportunities to become role models for other children in nearby communities. One final reason is because “success breeds success”. Soon, a third Learning Center will spring up because of the need for this education. We congratulate the students, the staff, the Board, and the community of Copey for being unique and outstanding leaders.

Regarding another small issue, I just completed my second of three major fundraising activities for this spring. This fundraiser was to gather funds for my Shriners Club.  In two weeks, I will finish the third fundraiser and hopefully two very important things will  then take place. First, I plan to redirect most of my time to the  “Friends of Copey”. I have had several inquiries and request from schools and teachers to talk about ways they can get involved. My time has been very limited with these fundraising projects. The second important thing I want to get done has to do with a fishing pole. I will be fishing this weekend and I hope to get a little rest before I come back to finish off the last fundraising project with my Kiwanis Club.


Another week of adverse weather causing a delay in the race. However, this affected all the drivers and not just Jeff. His results this week are a bit disappointing only because he did not win. He finished 7th this week and dropped down a few positions from his 3rd place finish last week. He is being consistent with finishing the last 4 races in the top 10. The last 2 races were tailored made for Jeff but apparently there were faster cars on the track. Well, we hope for a better finish next week and will remain loyal to until he hangs up his racing shoes and gloves.  Go #24!




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  1. A wonderful and inspiring letter, AKA! My grandfather (Clay’s Dad, and my “Poppa”), when having trouble multitasking used to say, “You can’t stretch a gnat’s ass over a barrel!” I suspect that you may be able to identify with him! Of course he didn’t know the Doctor’s Secret, KY Jelly, a metaphor of course for God’s help in your case! I have seen many miracles in my practice due to KY!


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