The Easter Gift

Certainly, the celebration and joy for Christmas is the gift of Jesus being born. At Easter we celebrate a second gift. With the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, we received another gift in the form of a new covenant, the forgiveness of our sins, and salvation. So enjoy the gift. Happy Easter Day to all.

This week I was curious about what I may have written this time a year ago. What I found looking back was very interesting and gratifying. My thoughts and feelings about “Friends” have not changed at all. On April 3, 2014, in my Post titled, “Livin the Givin Back”, I wrote some of the following:

“What is expected of a “Friend of Copey”? Really, not much. For those of us who pray…please continue to pray!  For those of us who believe positive thinking generates positive results and outcomes…spend time each day thinking positive thoughts about our efforts. For those inclined to want to do more, keep informed and be on watch. At times, a special request may come along that will touch you and inspire you to go beyond praying and thinking. You may have an idea, a talent, a skill or knowledge that will help the cause. Finally, even a small donation may be part of your involvement although never required as a “friend”. In all instances, you will be livin “the givin” back.”  (Read the full text at

These expectations remain the same today for each “Friend of Copey”. Our local “Friends” are clearly demonstrating this as we get closer to the day of the fundraising project scheduled for April 18th. Many donated items are coming in and some volunteers have signed up to help. Donations and help are still needed but we are certainly on the way to a very big day for the “Friends” and the Learning Center.

Holy Week ends today and the Learning Center resumes its teaching tomorrow.


Before Holy Week started, the students were involved in a couple interesting projects. Recycling was a major topic and the students showed their leadership by improving their community. The students also made posters to hang

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around the community to encourage all the residents to use the appropriate receptacles for disposing or recycling trash and garbage. These students are very environmentally aware and involved and represent a new generation of citizens who believe they can make a difference in this world. We applaud them and their teachers.

NASCAR….I mentioned last week that there is no race today but stay tuned for next week’s report.

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