Oh The Winds…They Are Blowin

“Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you.
Live today with gusto.”
                                                              Dale Carnegie

First, the really good news. The donations are stacking up quickly for the “Big Parking Lot Sale”. You have heard that faith can move mountains…!

Mt. Raineer
Mt. Raineer

Well, faith also can move a lot of “Friends” to get rid of unwanted or no longer needed items. All available storage space is taken with still eight plus donors with items for sale waiting to be collected. This is a lot of stuff! However, relief on space will come on Thursday morning. Trust me, being out of space to hold all the donated items until Saturday is the best problem we could have. I am excited. Great weather with sunshine is predicted with the temperature in the 70’s. Lots of local “Friends” will be on hand to help and we are just going to have a fun time. So you local “Friends” come out and enjoy the sunshine, the fun, the refreshments, and the group photo.

Those “Friends” not local, keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week. Although, the work is being done here in Washington state, there is enough joy and celebration to reach you wherever you are.

Last Friday during our weekly lunch, I had the opportunity to speak to my Kiwanis Club about “Friends of Copey”. Kiwanis Emblem 2

The audience seemed very interested. Some of the membership is already closely involved as scholarship donors and others have made donations for our fundraiser. The 30 minute presentation was a thrill for me because I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far. More Kiwanis Club presentations are in the future.

The community of Copey held its local fundraiser this weekend in support of the Learning Center. I will have to wait to hear the final results but will pass the information on to you soon.

In the “Bad News” category, in my March 30 Post I spoke of Holy Week in Costa Rica. I referenced the Costa Rican Red Cross reporting that 15 people died the first weekend of celebration. We were praying this trend would not continue the rest of Holy Week. Unfortunately, it resulted in the deadliest Holy Week in a decade. The death toll reached 44, a 76% increase over 2014. Some deaths included US citizens.  http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/04/06/costa-rica-holy-week-deadliest-in-10-years.

NASCAR Update  

Jeff Gordon ended the race again in the top ten finishing in 7th place this week. He has now finished 10th, 9th, and now 7th. Each week he moves closer to the top.  Jeff, let’s get going! How about moving into the top 3 next week or even better…No.1?

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