“One child, one teacher……!

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”                                                                                                          by Malala Yousafzai

The Learning Center continues to report fantastic news. Last week the start-up of a satellite version of the Learning Center opened for business in a nearby town called La Cima. Much like Copey, it is a small rural location with similar conditions confronting the students. A new volunteer arrived to head up the satellite operation and will be overseen by the Learning Center.

Sample Costa Rica Children

Some of the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders were involved last week in a local recycling project within the Copey community while others in the same grades focused on studying the tourism industry. Please be reminded that these learning activities extend beyond the students’ regular school day and helps the students learn English.

Holy Week or Semana Santa is being celebrated in Costa Rica this week. This is the week preceding Easter Sunday and it is break time for the Learning Center.

The young people are dressed in bright colors and there is much celebration, parades, and other festive events during the week. As I write this, the Costa Rican Red Cross reports that 15 people have died over the weekend.

Sample of Costa Rican Children 2

Young folks, much like in the US, take to the beaches for Spring Break and tragedy occurs in many places across the country. By the time Holy Week was over last year, a total of 24 lives had been lost in Costa Rica relating to young people living carelessly. Let’s pray this does not continue throughout the week.

The majority of the time there is much optimism and excitement to report. I hope you capture this in my Posts. This optimism and excitement is also present as we move closer to the “Big Parking Lot Sale” day scheduled for April 18th. Donations have been offered by known “Friends” and even new “Friends” who are just learning about the “Friends of Copey”. The inventory is increasing each day and the potential for reaching our goal is becoming more and more promising. But do not stop praying and keeping this project in mind. We see the results in the positive responses coming to us. Even some of the people I am hearing from are among a few I have not heard from in more than a year. This is all a Blessing.

We are also getting excited about meeting and gathering as “Friends”, sharing refreshments, and taking a “Friends” group photo at the “Sale” for me to put in the Post following the event. All the local “Friends” are welcomed and invited to attend the event to join in the group photo with or without donated items. Do not be left out!


Jeff Gordon finished in 9th Place at Martinsville, Virginia yesterday. One place better than last week’s finish. That is the good news. The bad and heartbreaking news is that Gordon was in 1st Place when a caution flag came out with less than 20 laps to go. He violated the speed limit by one mile an hour on his way to his pit while under the caution flag.

Jeff Gordon

The penalty for this violation put him back to 22nd position when the race resumed. During the short remainder of the race, he crawled back and finished in 9th Place. One can only wonder what the outcome would have been without the violation. Very likely he would have won. I could be heard screaming all the way to Seattle. My love for this sport is in part tied to the need for all the team to be at its best all the time. One small mistake by the driver or one mistake by the pit crew can easily result in a win or a loss. But there is the next race scheduled for April 11. NASCAR is one sport that takes off Easter Sunday so the drivers and their pit crews can spend Easter weekend with family. God Bless them.

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  1. Jeff has a charitable foundation, I think. It built a peds unit at Concord, home of NASCAR. Please research it!

  2. I love reading about the recycling project and seeing the beautiful photograph of the dance. How colorful! I began a recycling program when I was teaching in North Carolina and Alabama. You have reminded me that I should work on this for my school in Virginia. Thanks for the news.

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